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  1. Once this program is over they're going to wade into youth sports. This was the final year the quarter program will be taken seriously and I've collected quite a few. Not a fan as these programs go off the rails. I'm not surprised it has now gone out of control. They've made so many different reverses for so many subjects they can strike whatever they want on them now. It'll be rare to find any one type of anything.
  2. The fillable online forms are nice, except when you're trying to use different services on one shipment. If everything you're sending falls under one service it totals up right. If say you select US coins and send a few, then send a few PCGS for cross over service, or World coins too, that's when the process gets messy. I can get one submission filled out. Fill out another submission and see them both there. Then bring up a printable sheet for one and print the copies you need. Then close out and everything disappears. When you go to find the second service you filled out its all gone and I haven't seen where to get back to it. I don't care for how it works to be honest. If only using one service, it's great. But when trying to print off the multiple sets of forms for multiple services, it's no good. It's for the sake of saving on shipping sending everything together. But then it doesn't add up properly between the forms. I struggle with it every time. You can get back to something by the e-mail, but it's not all of the printable forms you need for the second service that didn't get printed. They do charge it properly once it gets there, even if the totals on the paperwork aren't right. Thankfully.
  3. Ok? Lol That’s all that is known? What casino? What year? Why did it warrant its own special label? I’m just trying to understand the significance of it. Usually there’s a proper name or place associated with a hoard. That info would be nice to know if looking to purchase these and possibly pay a premium over it.
  4. You can enter PCGS coins into the NGC registry again now. It changed back last year. It just takes a couple days for them to approve once entered. You get the same points.
  5. Nobody knows!? Why is this still pending approval?
  6. I'm seeing these popping up and I've never seen them before. They're not an option in the special labels so they must be from some recognized hoard for the pedigree? Cool label. I searched and came up with nothing.
  7. That's REALLY specific and really a high grade. Then you're asking for a star too? There's only 134 of the halves that meet that criteria in existence currently. There's a total of 6 nickels that meet your criteria. You could have every dealer in the country canvasing for either of these and never find one. It was worth a shot, just don't want you to be disappointed that the relatively small number of collectors on this forum weren't coming through. Now it would be funny to see somebody here that actually owned one but passed on this because they weren't willing to sell it.
  8. Oh, that autocorrect is awesome. I can't even call myself a name. LOL! I'll have to borrow that one for future use.
  9. Thanks, I feel like an insufficiently_thoughtful_person for asking now. I haven't submitted since they began updating the back log on the website. I'm glad they keep it updated in order to avoid these questions every day.
  10. Dealers send in hundreds, sometimes thousands of coins. I wouldn't automatically assume malice over this. It doesn't really matter when it was graded. It was 9 months ago instead of a month. Ok you got him. Geesh.
  11. I know you guys probably don't want to give daily updates but I haven't seen an update in a while. What date are you guys opening mail from today? Thanks.
  12. Don't ship them back! They rotated during shipping. I just bought a flying eagle cent in a PCGS holder that was rotated. I held it firmly in one hand and hit the wrist of that hand against my arm several times. The vibration spun it around in the slab to being properly oriented. As long as it's not bouncing around it will stay that way.
  13. I'd be ok with allowing one example in the US Type Including moderns next to the original slots. The Innovation dollars are already allowed into it and I'm pretty sure those are not meant for circulation either. Same with Sacagaweas. Allowing one example of the Morgans and the Peace would not be that Earth shattering. I'd like to see it but if the consensus decides they couldn't sleep at night over it, I wouldn't fight to add them either. I don't feel that strongly about it either way. A perfect 70 wouldn't be worth many points. They should just be called Anniversary issues. Which they didn't add the 2016s or the 2014 Kennedy half. So it makes a case for not adding these.
  14. Hi Ali. Did they have the meeting? Is this really that major of a programming request? I'm not saying I'd know how to do it, but would've thought the banner links would have been ready to go when the new site was rolled out. It's handy to click on to get to your sets quickly from a forum. I'm not even seeing the option for the link at the old site anymore.