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Rule of Thumb
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1)  Someone else will always have deeper pockets.

2)  Buy quality over quantity.

3)  Do not buy the hype, the brand of plastic does not make a coin better.

4)  Do not overreach for a coin unless its a once in a generation opportunity, another coin will come along.

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1. 3c worth of copper is better than 1c worth of zinc.  

2. If you see it on a coin (or card, or comic, or MOC action figure) then the grader will too.  Be honest with yourself first.

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9 minutes ago, Conder101 said:

If you have to "talk yourself into buying" a particular coin.....don't do it.  I have talked myself into buying several coins, and have always regretted it.

I regret buying that buffalo nickle with the scratch on it. Which brings me to another rule. Always inspect it thoroughly.  I thought that was a die crack till u said scratch. Then looked closer and it was a scratch. :facepalm:

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Dont grade coins when your eyes are tired.

I went through a security company roll of dimes last night and found 4 that I wanted to holder. I had put them in holders and stapled them. I did one last check with my loupe before boxing and one of them had the tiniest mark that got by me.

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