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  1. dude i dint know i was a BILLIONAIRE!!!!!!
  2. they should not change or alter the portraits on the denominations of American currency most of these kids these days couldn't even tell you who those people are
  3. The @Fenntucky Mike is absolutely correct.. hey will slab them if they have bee issued that way
  4. just waiting on the Youtube channel to pick up this million dollar nickel calling it the meteorite nickel or the shooting star!!! hehehehehe hahhahha Good find JP
  5. Back a few years ago (2012) the mint sold these as "S" mint rolls it could be one of those if it isn't what @VKurtB said as an impaired proof. i have no clue why i started collecting those "S" mint rolls but i have a box of them that i can even pick up anymore .
  6. AH DANG JP you are going to make this a hobby instead of a search for millions!!!! on errors... yes these are cool to find and keep i have a little assortment that are of little or no value other than face. but they are still cool to have and to show.
  7. it is a real coin. they will not encapsulate it because someone has either worked on the surfaces to remove scratches or other marks or smoothed it out, or made to look better than what it really is. PCGS will not encapsulate it either.. you may get ICG or ANACS to do it.
  8. saw -plenty of them at the FUN show in Orlando... Andy said they were tough to crack! they don't stack well with others and don't fit well in a storage box. i wasnt impressed with them that much. Kinda look like the generic version of a slab
  9. WHEW for minute there when you said "Home Rolls" i was thinking something else hahahahaha
  10. Yeah me too i was there all day Saturday.. wow it was an awesome show. there was a little of everything picked u a few nice ones and had to pass on a few due to Economic reasons... like i was broke already from the first 5 hours of shopping !! ahahaha
  11. good find!!! just over the Christmas break i found a 50 cent Euro i sat t aside until i could have a better time to look at her!!
  12. Happy New Year JP!! and everyone else. Well it is the first week of the new year and you know what that means!!! FUN!!! looking to head over there both on Saturday and Sunday if the $$$ do not run out. Its tough getting there early since they are an hour away and toll roads.. lots of the vendors start to roll up the sidewalks after 2 so i hope to find some good deal!!! if anyone is in the area you can find me usually at booth 1001........
  13. hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!! Now we get to look forward to the very first coin show of the year!!!! yes sir it is the World Famous FUN show in Orlando the first week of January!!! already making my wish list up!! too bad it far exceeds the funding for the project humm maybe i can do like the government does and just spend my way to prosperity ........hahahahahhaahahha