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  1. I will give you a quarter for it??? I think you should throw it in the next collection plate.
  2. Great idea... and you are right i dont think that i have ever been to someones place that didnt have one of those jars.....tragic!
  3. What a funny thing you say I always carry extra coins in my bag at the FUN show in Orlando and had them out to the boy / girl scouts i see walkin around. That is only after i ask their accompanying adult if it is ok to give them something...
  4. Is this an AD from Mike the huckster? hehehe the only way i would touch this one is if they gave it to me and said here take it off my hands!!
  5. Well about a year ago my father passed away. Well to not ramble too much back in 1974 he gave me my first whitman blue tri fold so this is how it started. Fast forward to today. My brother after going through his things in Alabama came across multiple rolls of wheat cents. He knowing that i am a collector still decided to forward them to me. I got them the other day and well ther were about twenty rolls of wheats, most marked with date ranges. 1910 -1919, 1920 - 1929 ect. and about 10 rolls of stealies. I went through all of them and didnt find anything better that a fine which i set aside. most of them are in the VG range with solid readable dates. So i have been thinking. Should i start dumong these into circulation and maybe it will catch the eye of some younger person or should i just hang on to them as part of the ol JT HOARD?? which is starting to over take the office and spill out into the next bedroom. So whatcha guys think? slowly relase them or just hold them?
  6. she is a beautiful set of coins.enjoy them
  7. Coins and Combat Rock!!! awesome!
  8. well they would never be downgraded to AU but they would be downgraded to low PF 60's or high PF 50's and if they werent then i woldnt trust who ever graded it. It may also be the product of being dropped once3 or twice but that would also kill the grade.
  9. Starts me to a thining maybe they were right. I think we shold return to the middle ages
  10. Did anyone comment on the big thumb print on it? i would drop it to PF58.... with that being siad i am thiking a few ticks over graded. also what are all of the hair lines to the right of liberty?
  11. Geesh i was thinkiing he just woke up and saw what has happened to his unification of the country.
  12. been doing it for everything since 1965. penny nickel dime and quarter and half
  13. If you start looking into the early commems there are some very lovely ones and very affordable.