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  1. Agreed. Some may say 10% is too high, but it could be debatable. I think his plan is pretty good. Heck the fact he has a plan puts him so far above the pack it’s sad. Personally I don’t do 10%, but I don’t think anyone can say he is foolish.
  2. I see a lot of people trading these serial numbers bills on the Facebook coin groups. Seems like they are like the “error” craze the others on the groups are trading back and forth. Sprinkle in an artificially toned coin here and there.
  3. A big problem in this hobby is peer pressure. I don’t necessarily think half of what is graded needs to be graded, and I don’t think we need CAC in most cases. However if you want to ever sell a coin, or compete in registry sets, you have to play the game. I participate in the registry kind of but not seriously. However I do like selling coins. The coin market is extremely quick to self impose additional constraints on itself. You won’t convince someone today a coin is strong for grade if it doesn’t have a green bean. If it isn’t cac’d it’s immediately seen as a lesser coin. And we do it to ourselves. But when the masses decide that’s what they want we have no choice but to suck it up or lose money.
  4. Yes I think Al’s answer is correct. They have silver proof sets, and then limited edition silver proof sets. I think, and don’t hold me to this, that the limited includes the ASE for the year and the regular doesn’t. But like you I don’t fool with much of that so I may be wrong.
  5. Well that’s your problem. I don’t think you will find a ton people wasted money on grading in lower grades. They aren’t expensive coins and it certainly doesn’t make sense to grade one in lower grades.
  6. I just looked and saw tons on eBay. Your problem will be finding lower grades. Most people won’t pay to grade them that low. Plenty of 65/66s for $30-$40 bucks on eBay with your labels
  7. Do you have some from CAC that make you scratch your head? I don’t claim to be a master grader by any means, but I do try and learn from each submission. Whether it be grading or CAC I try and give my own estimate before submitting and then comparing to see how I did. When I’m off I try to see why. With both I have a handful that just bug me. CAC bugs me the most it seems. Most of them I fully agree with, but a few I would pay them to walk through them with me and tell me why some didn’t sticker. Especially if I’m submitting multiples of the same coin/same grade and it’s very easy to compare side by side.
  8. Well now that you mention it……😂
  9. This is a sound strategy it seems to me. At 10% and a healthy portfolio you are doing things the right way. The 10% PMs won’t see the gains or losses of the other investments, but it’s hard to argue that having a small amount as part of a larger strategy is a bad idea.
  10. Yes no new memberships. And my last submission took over a month. Unlike the TPGs they usually have a 5 day turnaround. They are just swamped. As coinbuf offered I can submit for you also, but I am being forced into changing my membership to a dealer. So no free tries at it for me.
  11. I think you need to venture out into artificially toned coins also Errorists. Those are also hot right now and a total waste of money to any collector that has the least bit of brain power. A very logical extension for you to consider collecting.
  12. As distracting and deep as the graffiti is this one will really take a hit in my opinion. If you get $1500 I think you did well. Just my opinion there is no Science to pricing damaged pieces.
  13. Oh gotcha. They appeared at one auction where more than one dealer saw them as unique.
  14. That always adds to the mystery when they are found dispersed in the wild versus held by one estate. So this wasn’t a mint employee’s personal stash. it is also odd to me that they were found in various places but they all graded a 65. That seems really odd.
  15. I’m late to the game, but back to the buffs. Where were these 5 found in the 80s? Who had them?