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  1. On iPhone I get the sign in prompt pretty much every time I leave the page and come back. I have to go to the main page and log out, then log back in. Pretty much every single time I go back to the NGC site. Been this way for a few weeks.
  2. Gorgeous. Looks like it is darn close to full bands as well. I can’t really see why it isn’t but in hand it may be apparent. If you ever want to part with this one let me know.
  3. Gbrad, Are you only wanting slabbed? I may have one or ten I would part with. I’ve actually got some nice $1 gold I just picked up in a deal recently. I think I have a few slabbed Quarter Eagles somewhere too. Hit me up with what you are looking for exactly. I’ve got about 5 or 6 gold coins I’m about to submit in my next order. I keep putting off sending my next submission and the pile is getting out of hand. I dread the fees on this next one haha.
  4. Here is a nicely toned, to me atleast, merc. with rotated die. I have an album as well I have started working on cherry picking raw examples as I see them. Surprisingly there are a LOT of nice mercs raw in the wild. All the other coins in the album are high grades with full bands, but this one I had to give a spot
  5. All mercs are beauties in my book. This is interesting toning for these. For some reason mercs seem to tone fairly predictably and usually not attractive.
  6. Don’t waste too much efforts on searching information. You can pretty easily find missing clad layer coins for sale graded if that’s your thing. One member had a friend find one in change recently. I’m not an error collector but I think graded they usually go for like $75-$100 but don’t quote me on that. Don’t put in too many efforts or you will be making less than minimum wage for your time researching.
  7. I am curious to see pictures. I have a feeling we may not. Seems like someone finds either a “22 high relief” or a matte finish about once a month on this forum.
  8. Welcome to the forum Bradley. To save you some time please post clear pictures front and back of the coin in question. Luckily the foremost authority on Peace Dollars (RWB) is an active member. I will say prepare to be told this is a common 1922 peace dollar but you never know.
  9. Agreed. I was thinking even if they post the real one on Etsy it probably isn’t the highest priced or most absurd listing on there.
  10. To be blunt I think what he is nicely telling you is learn more about the subject. Learn what a real doubled die looks like and what the worthless kinds of doubling look like. Learn what causes them. Learn what an RPM looks like and what mechanical doubling looks like. Learn what damage looks like. And yes you should start with known varieties. Although not impossible it is very very unlikely you will find a new variety that is legitimate on 70s Lincoln’s.
  11. I don’t know what caused it, but I have to believe it was done with intent. The way it avoids the facial features of the Indian couldn’t be natural I wouldn’t think.
  12. Thank you. I just realized I told him centimeters in my earlier post 😂
  13. I wonder if they plan to sell the coin on Etsy to raise funds. Seems the most reasonable place to showcase such a coin 🤔
  14. They spiced it up with wings for mercs atleast. I don’t see many church ladies wearing hats with wings 😁
  15. My favorite merc I currently own. I have to bite the bullet and get his big brother from Denver at some point. I may have a kidney and a few various other organs for sale at some point to afford it if anyone is in the market for some used organs.
  16. Very little. I did a little research and saw a little about both of them. Dominick I saw auction records for his merc set and it made me drool. Once I get my type set completed, at the current rate in 5 years, I’m getting back to my merc set. I’ve got a decent start with some top pops but a long ways to go. I would love to hear more about them.
  17. There is no secret sauce. It’s a lot of reading. About two years ago I decided I wanted to get serious about numismatics. Many members here gave me some reality checks and told me to study. I took it to heart and have read everything I can get my hands on for the two years since. And I know a fraction of what most of the members know mainly due to my short time collecting. All that to say read, read and then read some more. Treat this hobby like college and it comes fairly quickly.
  18. The phyrgian cap is actually different from the pileus. It got confused when the pileus and adopted the same symbolism, but is actually a different hat. You probably knew that but just clarifying.
  19. There are some very knowledgeable ancients guys on here. I’m always impressed in their ability to do some homework and identify coins. It’s very humbling to a US collector. To be a good ancient collector you better have something between the ears.
  20. Yeah ancients are a whole other ballgame. Cleaning is a necessity. But with that said OP learn how to properly clean them to be as gentle as possible. I’m sure you can get some good advice on that here also. Unfortunately 1800s is really old for what I collect so I am no help to you here.
  21. Generally speaking people ask for you to do one coin per thread. For these get a close and well focused picture front and back. Try to get it as big as possible in the screen while still in focus. Then post weight and diameter.
  22. I am of no help, but those that will be able to help will need weight to two decimal places and diameter in centimeters. That will be the first thing asked so get ahead of it.
  23. And store assumably received the coin for face value. Either by a customer or in a bank roll. They are out no money and the till balances. They are not harmed.