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  1. I'm pretty sure I have the proof and uncirc versions. I liked these because of the eagle. Nice Comm.
  2. I bought the same one that james is showing a few years ago. Cheap price and and self calibrates. I also have calibratiin weights and it stays accurate.
  3. I've never soaked a coin in olive for tarnish. I have soaked a flying eagle cent I have that had verdigris on it. I think I had it soaking for about 6 months. It helped, but didn't remove all of it. Olive oil is a long process so be patient.
  4. It always gets me when someone posts a coin and asks for thoughts/opinions of the coin and then they don't like the feedback. As already mentioned, coins are hard to grade by pictures and basically opinions are only what a person can give by the pictures provided. A coin can only be accurately graded in-hand. You have the coin and you say you have the experience, so get it graded. No need to get upset by what others think, they are only providing what you asked for.
  5. Think about how many coin dealers are out there buying and selling and have been doing it for years. If coin collecting was a "get rich quick" hobby, do you think most of them would still be doing it? You have to "Have" money, to "Buy" money and to "Sell" money.
  6. The coin looks to have had a cleaning to me. Besides that, it doesn't look close to MS condition either. Not worth grading!
  7. We have a lot of young people today that do not even know all of the coinage that is still running around in circulation. Let alone people that would rather watch cat videos on youtube than inform themselves about the minting process of these coins. PMD to a coin can happen in millions of different ways and without the understanding of how a coin is minted, they will never understand the difference between a true error or damage. How many topics have been discussed about mechanical doubling or die deterioration and so on? And the ways to identify them? When they don't understand, they just debate people. It wouldn't surprise me that most people who are wishing for a million dollar coin have no interest in coins at all. Just wanting someone to verify that they have a coin that will keep them from ever having to work again. They just don't understand that a coin worth that much is not running around in circulation.
  8. There are a lot of silver rounds and bars that are collectible. Regardless, it is still bullion. It's just that some are more collectible than others.
  9. They just look like aftermarket copper bullion novelty bars to me. They make them in .999 silver also.
  10. Looks about VG10 but the scratches will bodybag it.
  11. I'm pretty sure this ain't a proof either.