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  1. Don't know, but still trying to figure out how they turned goose eggs into gold. Lol. Once I find out then surely I'll let out the secret.
  2. Thought I would share this one also, I don't find silver dimes in rolls especially with a error on it. Thought this one was a pretty cool find. Happy hunting everyone.
  3. Finally found the "Golden Ticket". It also has i think possibly a die chip, between UNI and arm. I could get 1,000+ on esty, if interested please don't low ball me I know what I have ahahahah lol. please take advice on here ,don't believe anything on esty
  4. Thanks Tom, I think you're right a plating blister getting ready to turn into Zinc rot.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm looking at this coin and coming to the the conclusion that these are air bubbles. Looking at the 2006 in the photo I put on here and looking at mine , that would be a air bubble wouldn't it. I really didn't find anything on a 94 but this is the closest I got. If anyone has more to add, please help me learn more thanks. Joe
  6. Thanks Mike, hmmm. have to look in deeper on this one. I pretty sure it's Philadelphia mint. But I'll keep searching.
  7. Hi everyone, I have this token and wondering , was this made during the minting process or could this be plated after it left the mint. I can find this token online, but nothing looking like this one. This came in a plastic 2x2 flip, with a plastic cover for the obverse and reverse of the token. I don't think those did any justice, but cool. Just asking because I see alot of coins out there being plated, and alot of collector's look down on that, especially on coins. Thanks
  8. I know it's not the kind of doubling on the ear that's out there. There's actually something going on inside the ear itself. Pretty interesting this piece is. Hmmm. Idk I could be seeing things again lol.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm thinking this might be die clash under Lincoln's bust. I did the overlay and it's pretty close. I've seen other cents like this but was said they we're die chips. And what's interesting is under the MM. Could that be lamination. Hmm. Any help would be great thanks.
  10. Yes it's a half dime, Bob was right. I was just giving him a hard time. Was just wondering how long I can keep the riddle going with more ideas out there.
  11. You might be right, but what two coins do I have to make fifteen cents. What are they called. you got the first one right, but what's the other one. Dime and...
  12. Since football is here ,thought I would share these. Idk but them are some bad portraits. I know alot of people are upset with sports and my uncle is one . He served in the military and is not a happy camper. He's been working for the forty-niners for quite some time, but loves his job. A few players and coaches handed him some I think defense coins to give to me. I'll definitely share those when I get them. Riddle "I have two coins that total fifteen cents. One of them is not a nickel. What are my coins?"
  13. Yes pretty interesting coin. I'll just be honest, if they were to call these types of errors like the penny on the OP pics a Pac-Man, they would have done so way back. That is a cool looking coin and resembles a Pac-Man figure. Coins like this just keeps me hunting that much more for stuff like that. Good luck to JP on getting his coin looked at.
  14. I just wanted to add, there's a 2007-D SMS 10c obverse die cap mint error MS68 graded by NGC that looks just like the OP pics. There not mentioning that part of the error on the coin just die cap. Here's the cert# 3237029-002. Hope this helps with any kind of ideas.