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Week # 179 - Hope we didn't COINfuse you with this question...

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Which stack is higher --- 20 Peace Dollars or 20 Eisenhower Dollars? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif



Good Luck!


Our first place winner will receive a copy of David Lange's "History of the United States Mint and It's coinage" (signed). A prize will be awarded to a randomly selected player.




REMINDER: The Numisma-Quest ends/ended on Saturday at midnight EST. Entries after that time will not be valid. See the Trivia Info post for more details.

When you post your answer, only the administrators can see it. Stop back each Monday. We will make all the posts visible and announce the winners .

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The Peace dollars will be higher.


Both dollars are 38.1 mm diameter, so all of the difference in volume is due to thickness. The Peace dollar is 26.73g and 90% silver and 10% copper. The Ike dollar (Cu-Ni issue) is 22.68g and roughly 83.3% copper and 16.7% nickel. The density of silver is 10.5g/cu cm, that of copper is 8.96g/cu cm, and that of nickel is 8.9g/cu cm. Calculating the volume of each, the Peace dollar occupies about 2.59 cu cm, while the Ike dollar occupies roughly 2.53 cu cm. Thus, the peace dollar must be thicker. smile.gif



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Need to make a few assumptions:

1. You're talking about regular business strike Ikes.

2. The percentage of vacant space within the coin volumes are equal (i.e. the devices occumpy the same are and are of the same relief)

3. All coins are unworn.


Knowing the diameter, mass and composition of each coin, we calculate the heights as:




Ag Content none 0.9

Cu Content none 0.1


Total Mass g 26.73

Ag Mass g 24.057

Cu Mass g 2.673


Ag Volume cm^3 2.293326978

Cu Volume cm^3 0.299663677

Total Volume cm^3 2.592990655


Diameter cm 3.81

Peace Height cm 0.227437




Core Composition

Cu Content none 1


Outer Composition

Cu Content none 0.75

Ni Content none 0.25


Total Composition

Cu Content none 0.833333333

Ni Content none 0.166666667


Total Mass g 24.59

Cu Mass g 20.49166667

Ni Mass g 4.098333333


Cu Volume cm^3 2.297272048

Ni Volume cm^3 0.460073342

Total Volume cm^3 2.75734539


Diameter cm 3.81

Ike Height cm 0.241852921


So the stack of Ikes are taller than the stack of Peaces.

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Which stack is higher - 20 Peace Dollars or 20 Eisenhower Dollars?




Peace Dollars


Congratulations Gmargulie!! You will be receiving David Lange's book "History of the United States Mint and its Coinage." (signed).


The runner up winner is Cuttill, you will be receiving a display box.



Thanks for playing and stop back next week for another question. Keep up the good work

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