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  1. I don't see the so-called "Blakesley Effect," so I doubt it's a clipped planchet. For more on the Blakesley Effect, Google or see This link has a decent article but it was difficult to make the thing load. I finally has to use IE because it wouldn't load in Chrome or Firefox. Mark
  2. ATS I saw a link to a lawsuit in which NGC played a key role: In that file, in “Part B The Defense Case” the defense “expert” checked NGC’s grading of 1,671 coins. These coins went through what is apparently NGC’s usual 3-person grading in which two graders initially grade the coin and then a finalizer determines the ultimate grade. Of these coins, the initial two graders had the same grade 90% (!!) of the time. They differed on only 167 coins and of these coins ONLY 11 had a discrepancy of 2 or more points. It’s hard to tell the range of the grades, but apparently they ranged from about MS65 to AU50. I presume that a difference in grades of AU55 and AU53 would count as a difference of “2 or more points,” even though it’s actually a difference of only one grade. Nonetheless, I think that the consistency of NGC’s graders is truly remarkable. Mark
  3. I also haven't seen any changes. But given Conder101's expertise in slab history, I hope he has been following CAC stickers a LOT more closely than me.
  4. Hey Conder101: Given that you will always be my expert on the history of PCGS slabs, have there been any changes in the CAC stickers over time? Thanks! Mark