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  1. Ultra Proof Cam proof Jeff's life this in blue/purple just set my heart a-flutter Trust me, the images don't do these justice!
  2. I love seeing images of toned Jeffersons! Especially fully struck examples Time for me to reimage some of mine...please keep 'em coming!
  3. Shipping to the continental US is included in the price 1961 US Mint Set - 10 coins Philly and Denver - in original government envelope: $50 1991 Proof Korean War Memorial Dollar - $30
  4. Sorry, sold both of them on Ebay last week for almost double what I was asking for here. Too bad folks weren't interested then!
  5. Better images for both Henning nickels Here's the first nickel: Here's the second Henning nickel
  6. I have two 1944 no mint mark Henning Jefferson nickels I'd like to sell. I'd like to get $50 for the first one and $40 for the second - I'll cover the shipping cost. Payment via PayPal only. Sorry the images aren't the best - I'll try to take clearer shots later and re-post. Here are the two nickels. Thanks and please let me know what questions you have on these.
  7. 2011 25th Anniversary Eagle Set NGC Slabbed 1952-S Franklin Half Dollar NGC MS65+ 1953-D Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS64 FBL 1953-S Franklin Half Dollar NGC MS65 1955 Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS66
  8. Wendtt58 - in the Coin Marketplace forum, it's considered bad form to make posts that cast aspersions on other members offerings. If you don't like what you see then move along as negative comments aren't helpful. As for the coins being sold, they have natural mint set toning acquired over many years. Some are more attractive than others, but all are original, and my images don't necessarily present them in their best possible light. No need for NCS to conserve anything here.
  9. Ends on Sunday 1954 Double Mint Set 1958 Double Mint Set Take a look - there are other mint sets listed as well!
  10. Four new auctions ending late Friday Night. If you're the high bidder on any of my auctions let me know you saw it listed on the NGC board and shipping is free! 1942 Proof Cent - NGC PF66RB - beautiful toning on both sides Proof Lincoln Cent 1869 Shield Nickel - NGC MS61 - nice overall color on both sides consistent with age Shield Nickel 1905 Liberty Nickel - NGC MS63 - dle clash visible on the reverse Liberty Nickel 1939-S Washington Quarter NGC MS62 - very clean and well-struck example Washington Quarter