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Poorly graded PF70 & MS70

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    If you view the holder with magnification at different angles, you should be able to distinguish scratches and scuffs on the holder from those on the coin itself.  Most grading service holders aren't very scratch resistant, and you have to be careful not to let them rub against rough surfaces, including other holders.  There are cellophane wrappers and other covers on the market to protect them, as do the grooved "slab" boxes that separate the holders from each other.  If you bought this coin sight unseen, and it arrived in a holder that was this scratched, you might want to see about returning it for exchange or refund.

   While several decades ago the numerical grade of "70" was supposed to represent a theoretical absolutely perfect coin--which in reality doesn't exist--today as used by grading services it refers to an uncirculated or proof coin that shows no imperfections at low magnification.  As stated on NGC's "Grading Scale" page (under the "Coin Grading" tab at the top of the home page), "NGC defines a Mint State or Proof 70 coin as having no post-production imperfections at 5x magnification."  For this reason, I've never understood the paying of high premiums for modern coins graded "70" over those graded "69", as there's usually no observably significant difference between them.

   As to the haze to which you just referred, this is sometimes found even on newly minted proof coins and often appears over time.  Grading services don't consider it to be an imperfection.  See item 8a. of NGC's grading guarantee at NGC Guarantee | Coin Certification Guarantee | NGC (ngccoin.com).  For this and other reasons, don't buy any coin sight unseen if issues like these render a coin unacceptable to you.

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No one has looked at the eagle side this is what I’m talking about I see the scratches are on the slab that from the way it was handled at the shippers, the reverse side is what I’m talking about , I also have a 2022 ANA 2022 PF70 Kennedy with finger prints .

and yes I have a loop , 

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