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IMG_1682.thumb.jpg.91c0ea97d31434ce388ad01e1fa255c7.jpgHello, I’ve been reading a lot of y’all’s Post for a couple of years. Good stuff, Thanks. 
I will now be a newbie. I bought a few dozen large cents very recently (random dates) just to have around to share with the grandchildren and discuss their history. I dumped them out on the table and saw The coin I am posting here, and am in curiosity to responses to what the ???? Is this. All for fun and education.  thanks for any responses in advance.



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It also stands out in the crowd because of its car wash token brass/bronze look. 

Well you get what ya got when this is how you bought. But again they were purchased as curio for the grandchildren.

I really wasn’t expecting F+ quality when I ordered. Just thought I’d share what you can find on the streets.


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