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You are right JP the grunge actually enhances the detail on your coin. I am sending in the 2021 Cc Morgan the 2021 Peace, that 1887 Morgan that was Vam suspected and a 1998 ASE proof. Here are to grungy British Victoria Double Florins as a good example. One has a Roman 1 and the other an Arabic 1.

wish me luck and nude find!A26DC576-E8E2-4DA9-8E66-7F7D2F56AE76.thumb.jpeg.ead18b16a80e7752a658a0b45e71d7d5.jpegDB8CA87C-7117-4ED3-8E87-C346FB1684AA.thumb.jpeg.03e12c6edffb8f17454a9ac9faaffc63.jpeg



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On 11/5/2021 at 5:34 PM, J P Mashoke said:

Well there are three dots in the right hand corner of your post that if you click it it says edit , you can go back and fix it Bill, But the damage is done.

I don’t know that you weren’t nude when you found them actually. 😃 

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On 11/7/2021 at 3:00 PM, powermad5000 said:

Mr. Bill, the second one in your pics has rim damage and looks cleaned to me, but I wish you good luck if you submit! The first one looks to be a nice coin for the age and type.

Thank you. I knew about the ding in the rim, not sure about cleaning but as old as it is, probably. I’m not submitting them but I have a bunch of British coins now most of the pre-decimalization. Coins but this one has the rather unusual story of the mistaken Roman 1 which they changed to an Arabic 1 the same year and that fascinated me. 

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