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Rare 1896-0 Morgan Silver Dollar

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I recently acquired this coin online from an online on and from an online auction and per the the book value book value this is one of the top 5 most value the top 5 most valuable dollar denomination coins.   I paid roughly just under $70 after shipment.. Do you think that I got a good deal in this regard or?? And if you were to give it a grade what would you give it just off of these pictures? And also if you look at the back of the coin I was just noticing it looks like it could have possibly been cleaned do you think that this is true or is there not enough information that could be told based off of the pitcures provided? Thank you all for your answers and in advance in taking the time out of your day to help an unexpeirenced coin collector! :)



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I’m not sure it’s very rare they mintd nearly 5 million of them. Your coin is nice maybe Ms63 but need closer cropped pictures to confirm 

I looked at sold ones on eBay and found this one too.



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The OP's photos suggest a coin in very fine (VF) condition, probably dipped and cleaned. It also had rim damage at the right obverse, which will discourage buyers. It's not especially difficult to locate in circulated condition and is worth about $40. The coin has to be strictly Uncirculated (MS-60) to be valued at about $1,000.

RE: "...one of the top 5 most value the top 5 most valuable dollar denomination coins."

The quote above is bologna, and the source should not be trusted.

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A lot Morgans are overrated with bogus claims stating they are rare when there thousands and thousands to choose from in all different grades higher grades depends on how deep your pockets are but it doesn’t make them rare, not like 1933 Saint Gaudens (now that’s rare) 

morgan dollars are the most common coin collected just about every collector probably has few or bunch of Morgan dollars in their collection pretty common coin to see not saying there isn’t scarce years in the series like I said deep pockets play in that ball field when it comes to scarce Mint state Morgans they will always have a love affair with American collectors 

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