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1960 silver quater

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Check my response in other thread. I really think grandpa (and I am one)was hoping someone would look and feel the family heirlooms vibe. One cool thing you can do is upgrade while in your custody (it’s said we are caretakers) Sell lower grades upgrade if possible or just handle with care and get them into capsules. Check eBay sold prices for rough idea of value. It’s what you can sell it for that determines the value (partially). He’s got a walking liberty half and Franklin and Kennedy. 

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Welcome to the forum Dusty.  Nice little collection you have there. Your pics are definitely too blurry to make out dates or mint marks and more importantly the conditions of the coins.  Looks like it was 'assumed' these came from grandpa.... but I never read that in your post...xD (or maybe my old eyes missed that one too).  Looks like there's several 1964 Kennedy Halves there, which I love, and both the Philly and Denver Mints contained some varieties for that year which are recognized by the top TPG's (Third Party Graders).  I also see a Peace Dollar in there too.  Nice older coins to look at especially depending on their condition.  Also, look at the serial numbers on the $2 and see if they have any significance as to relating to a particular date or birthday, etc... If these were from your family, maybe there is some inherent sentimental value in that aspect.  I try to find bills with serial #'s that correspond to my children's birthdays and things like that.   If you are new to collecting get ready to be 'pleasantly' overwhelmed with the vast and seemingly endless types of varieties and errors and then throw in the learning curve on how to become proficient at grading....., etc....   It's a fantastic hobby no doubt and there is no end to learning.  I would strongly suggest you arm yourself through personal research as much as you possibly can.  It will not only help you become more a more knowledgeable and informed collectors but you will start to see that you may be able to help out other new collectors in the future.   There is a tremendous amount of information in both print and online now for anyone to take advantage of to learn about coins. One of the better online databases I have used and found extremely helpful for identifying errors and varieties is this link:   http://doubleddie.com/839286.html   This is known as Wexlers.  Lots of great info for you to absorb there.  Good luck and happy hunting!(thumbsu

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