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13 hours ago, James_OldeTowne said:

It IS strangely appealing!

It has a look doesn't it? Its going up this weekend.. I have another (bagged as well) to go with it.. That's a 22 S

This is a 23 top 50 VAM 1F Chin Bar, Thats been cleaned but it's still a very attractive Peace with a hammered reverse AND a top 50 VAM TABOOT



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18 minutes ago, gmarguli said:

I've seen a lot of classic commems with this type toning, but usually taken a few steps further. While I agree AT, I think the coin is very appealing.

Bought them both bagged ATS.. My mothers 96 and I have a 24 for her.. These 2 are my father and my uncle... 

When I saw them together I immediately snatched them.. 

Took it as a sign from above..lol


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That 1923 is a very nice coin. I love those coins that just toned around the edge like that. Its also got a strong strike doesn't it. All the ones I have are very weakly struck. Its a shame someone cleaned it. 

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On 12/12/2020 at 1:01 AM, S3R3NDIPITY said:

Yes, the Peace dollar looks like someone with red freckles which I’ve always found to be one of the most appealing features on a human face.

I am torn between malignant tertian malaria, the estivo-autumnal variety, due to plasmodium falciparum or plain chickenpox, but I don't want to get mauled so, yeah, red freckles... and very Christmassy, too! 😉

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