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  1. I am nearing the end of my high school days and have to start thinking about future careers. I am extremely passionate about numismatics, and I would love for my great hobby to be my career. I have been to the Summer Seminar (several times had it not been for this virus) and am in the middle of completing the ANA's Numismatic Diploma Program. Are there any tips or other actions I should take to make the dream become a reality?
  2. The habit though. You start with a melt value morgan, next thing you know you're holding an 1804 dollar by the face/
  3. I definitely fits the Christmas spirit, looks like a December coin if I ever saw one.
  4. My club is looking for some numismatic "philisophical" questions to put in our online newsletter with answers from our members. We've come up with a few, but I'd like to see what more knowledgeable members have to ask. We're not looking for some "If a man sees a circulated proof nickel in cashier's drawer, do you tell him it is counterfeit and swindel out of them?" but more along the lines of "If you slab a coin that ends up with a grade worth 6 figures and you were hoping for a 65, do you sell it and complete the collection or keep it?" Any and all comments, questions, jokes are appreciated
  5. That is why, but also because they get paid for most of the labels. I know people who have put together sets that get pedigress free of charge, but anyone can get their coin holdered with their name on it for the right price. I think a lower level coin with such a pedigree would bring more because "if someone had all of this money and bought a 64 1938-D buffalo nickel, surely that coin is worth more than anything I could buy." type of thought prevails. With a coin like this, no one can afford it.
  6. They look like drop marks to me as well, but if indeed scrapes, I don't know why. There are plenty of options that don't include ruining part of the coin. I would think just a close look would be able to determine the authenticity of the piece, and holding it by the face of the coin doesn't hurt it much either.
  7. If you have the time and the money, I suggest going to the ANA's grading course at summer seminar. You and all the other YNs can learn the ropes on grading and hopefully avoid another sad experience like this. You could also just take 4 points off what you think the coin would grade to get an accurate grade. Most coins I look at graded have 0 marks at 65, 1 or 2 barely noticeable marks at the most, after that it is all eye appeal and market grading. Grading until uncirculated is textbook, after that, experience is the only way to learn. The majority of dealers I communicate with regard PCGS with a higher esteem than NGC, and bluesheet prices mirror this. Maybe that "TPG" you cracked the coin out of was probably just an SGS or PCI holder.
  8. Unless I bought a coin raw at a 66+ price, I wouldn't be unhappy with those grades. I would rather have a conservatively graded coin than an overgraded ANACS or NGC slab. In my experience PCGS from 63-66 is more conservative with grades but as was pointed out eralier, PCGS tends to distinguish the higher grades coins by adding another point.
  9. If a private group is wanting to make money, maybe we will have a change for the better. I don't see how they can grow the profits of grading unless Europe catches the slab bug. Most collectors have taken a step back from slabs and gone back to raw coins. Maybe stricter standards will be put in place, who knows.
  10. Interesting proofs in circulation. I wouldn't have said it was counterfeit though, even "making it right" doesn't quite make it right.
  11. How could we have lady liberty if America is a terrible nation built on slavery? Just kidding. I would love to see a modern interpretation of liberty, even animals would do better. Maybe we should take Benjamin's idea and put a turkey on our coin.
  12. Large cent varieties are next on the list , but that will probably take quite a while.