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Finest Known 1346-64 Achaia Gold Zecchino

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I think any collector, even if he primarily collects U.S., should consider one of these Medieval zecchino gold coins.  They are cheap in light of the fascinating designs, often highly attractive production, and attainable grades.

Beautiful coin you have there!

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RE: "Reverse features Christ standing facing, holding gospels and raising hand in benediction, surrounded by mandorla and stars."

A later interpretation of this [obverse] is:

Christ standing facing, holding a cookbook with his hand raised to receive a trulla (ladle). Framed by the entry to "Lazarus' Bar and Grill," surrounded by Michelin stars. ("Lazarus' Bar and Grill" advertising slogan was We Rise to Please.)

PS: Extremely nice coin. Many medieval and renaissance coins are available in superb condition at modest prices. Eastern Roman Empire and later caliphate gold coins are notable for their quality.

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On 11/4/2020 at 7:10 PM, Just Bob said:

Great coin! Any idea how many exist in all grades?

Not sure how many in total, but there are maybe 50 in the pop reports. Most of them are mint state and I suspect they came from the hoard. I know the dealer sold some at a European show before going to the NYINC show. Based on historical auction results, few examples appeared before the hoard was dispersed and those examples were generally lightly circulated. 

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