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  1. Nota quarter specialist. But MS 62 seems a point or two lower than I would have thought. Nice coin!
  2. You really are a salesman. You don't appear to know much about coins, but I'll give you the fancy descriptive sales pitch.
  3. I have looked at several apps to use for inventory. However, I always came back to excel and now use Google sheets instead. Allows me to track my inventory, report, create my own "set" criteria, etc... 100% what I need at any given time. Not what someone else thinks is the best way to track inventory. With all the info available online you could load a series info easily into a spreadsheet. I would hope this is not the main reason for your looking at a software app to use.
  4. A philly cent. Nothing special. Someone was simply playing around with nail polish. Your picture is fine. You know the old saying. You can put makeup on a pig, but it is still a pig. That applies here. This is just a common cent.
  5. Definitely is a good way to have fun, build an interesting set that can easily span centuries at a reasonable and often cheap cost.
  6. Correct it is simply a 4 someone did in the garage while goofing around most likely. I was providing further info for the OP regarding counterstamps in general.
  7. I would not grade bullion coins. As stated unless you get a 70 you are upside down. That being said I also do not believe 70 is anything special for a modern bullion coin. I would spend the $ elsewhere in my collection vs grading a bullion coin.
  8. Well then an even more informative posting than most. Thank you for clarifying.
  9. Interesting thread that speaks volumes about people. Had OP not posted here and been called out I do not think the lie would have been corrected. Cherrypicking and lying to someone that asks for your opinion are very different things my friend. Comments are not about the value of the item, but the method of getting item. As it is only a low value item.