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Check out my newest addition!!!

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Thanks everyone for the compliments/likes. 

2 hours ago, Weidel Legacy Collection said:

Beautiful looking coin!  It has to be gorgeous in hand.

The pictures are good but are nothing compared to it in hand. It makes all my other Irish copper look bad. (shrug)

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31 minutes ago, thebeav said:

I'm not familiar with the term 'bronzed'.....I assume it's like a gilt, only with bronze ?

It is essentially the same idea but the planchet is brushed with a bronze rub before striking. I think I go into a little more detail in the write up of my registry set listed in my signature.  

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3 hours ago, Prethen said:

How many were minted?

This is a fair, but unlikely to be answered question. I have not been able to locate mint records for the time and none the reference materials I have are useful for this information. I would hazard to say not many bronzed proof examples exist. The regular proof strikes are found with some frequency but I was only able to locate 3 prior sales of the 1822 bronzed pieces. And two of those were the same coin that was sold twice. There are none at NGC and PCGS only lists my coin. Of course, I do not put a lot of stock in the PCGS reports for these coins. I have found countless inconsistencies. For example, the other sold 1822 bronzed proof was graded by PR-64 by PCGS and it does not show in their reports. Granted the last time the coin sold was 13 years ago and it could have been removed from the holder and the label returned to PCGS.

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