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Learn Grading: What are BN, RB and RD?

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This is great information. I'm reminded however about an experience a few years ago where I asked NGC to reholder a drop dead gorgeous '51 proof Lincoln cent. Holder was scraped up a little and slightly discolored on the insert. They told me since it was more than 10 years old it would have to be reholdered RB rather than RD. I hesitated but agreed. Look up coin 1816003-004 in Pf 67 and see if you don't agree that although maybe not red, red, red.....this coin has not even mellowed at all and is uniform color throughout. I just cant believe they don't call it RED. Additionally I would speculate that of the roughly 50 or so that have been graded at NGC and PCGS maybe only half are truly RED. My point is don't assume your red coppers are really red. Here is an image taken by the dealer I bought it from.


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Quote:  "When copper coins are struck, they typically display distinctive red luster. Over time, this red luster fades and eventually turns to a rich brown patina. 

A coin with a RD strike character must exhibit at least 85% of its original red luster.


learn-grading-july-2018-new-rd-o_tb.JPG learn-grading-july-2018-new-rd-r_tb.JPG
A coin with red (RD) luster.
Close quote.


Not to be picky, but:

Since the term "luster" is used to describe the reflection of light off a coins surface created by the strike process, would it not be better to use a different term to describe the appearance of a red coin,  such as "color?" It might prevent confusion in a newbie's mind down the road.

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