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  1. I'm confused ... add says 2895.00 with coupon. 500.00 for exactly what ?
  2. I'm not sure how the Mint can make any money on their products not withstanding the overpriced nature and over-glorified appearance of the packaging. How about just make what we want, make what we want available and don't allow themselves to be subject to self imposed bullion shortages.
  3. Will that dealer sell you an 80-S for CDN bid ? Maybe but due to the huge numbers of those coins available you will get one of the worst examples there are.
  4. Seems to be working fine now on Microsoft Edge after a few problems last week.
  5. NGC has IMO been wrong about coppers many times. But probably for reasons you may not be aware of. Specifically color on proofs. Its likely due to guarantee once holdered. I am told color is guaranteed for 10 years. Just look at most 1936 proof cents. Most PCGS and NGC graded '36 cents are in old scratched holders because they are no longer RD and cannot be reholdered. Your just gonna have to settle for a RB coin in a RD holder and shut up and sit down if you want one.
  6. I'm guessing NGC did not give a Star to the MS 61 or 62 coin.
  7. I've always given my raw submissions an acetone dip to remove any finger oils or other goop you may not be able to see. Is that unethical or is it unethical for NGC to apply the Pf 69 Ultra Cameo grade to it ?
  8. I tried that several times with NGC help by phone to no avail. was out of commission this weekend but low and behold today it works. Maybe switching devices did the trick ?
  9. I see a weakly struck AU 55. Note that the New Orleans 1890 Dollar is one of the most poorly struck coins in the whole Morgan series.
  10. My account was not working last week as well. Was directed to Registry and not allowed into the Forum. It's been fixed now though
  11. If there is [are] counterfeiters in Colorado they should be easy to confront. Unless of course the deep state part of the Secret Service is in charge.
  12. Yes I understand how this works. Just look at Bust coinage especially halves. Many mint state Bust Halves have friction and even light circulation rub. Although it's hard to say if these are mostly older holders or newer grades. Any comment ?
  13. So coins can be uncirculated while having been in circulation. No they really can't just by definition. Oh yes I know what you mean. It just sounds funny.
  14. TPG's I demand you stop giving MS grades to older coins unless they truly are friction free. Whether MS or Proof you have hundreds and maybe thousands of overgraded coins with rub or 'cabinet friction'. This has been going on since the advent of third party grading. What say you CAC ?