1983 Penny weighing 3.1g Found, now nothhing?
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On 10/28/2022 at 7:51 PM, Oldhoopster said:

....I just don't put them on the official ignore because their posts can be humorous and entertaining, ....

[Note:  A most unfortunate commitment I am going to hold you to with my latest contribution to the long-running, wildly successful Saints thread.]  😀 

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On 10/28/2022 at 12:20 PM, pigeonman333rd said:

First of all I'm not ready yet to start a new thread, but I will when my rolls and equipment get here....The point is I have been insulted enough.... The secret service along with the the NSA monitor counterfeit distribution in this country and I want no part of that mess.... I will make a new thread when the time is right to do so, until then happy coin roll hunting.   

However one may feel about this matter, one must have at least a begrudging admiration for the OP's gumption as highlighted in the opening line:  "First of all, I'm not ready to start a new thread..."   Great stuff!  :roflmao:

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On 11/5/2022 at 5:26 AM, pigeonman333rd said:

I explained to old hoopster that the 2000 s proofs were all wide am cents so what's the big deal. Ignore away 

["Lackadaisical attitude" comes to mind... At best, it is a big deal to those who've long ago decided it should be from the get-go. Man I love this place!]  😀 

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On 11/5/2022 at 7:49 AM, J P M said:

There is always the questions on the WAM. I found these 2x2 holders they help to take away the controversy if the picture is the same coin. Still looking for the 1999. That one my never be found 


WAM Reverse.jpg

Those are great finds JP. Im still looking for my first. Ive went through enough cents to cross my eyes and still nothing. I need to go get me a roll or two out there where pigeonman gets his. 

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