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  1. The more I look I think this one came from a fountain.
  2. I never had an issue with the coin and when it was graded when I was looking into it. I didn't even ask. The dealer saying only a month ago was just his deceptive sales practice. It was the point that he lied and he did the same thing on another coin saying is was graded a few months earlier than the other. The 2nd coin had the older standard NGC label from 2008 which made it obvious immediately it wasn't just recently graded. It turned out that coin was actually graded and slabbed in 2015. I just don't understand the need to lie when selling a coin but I guess that's how that dealer works and so I don't do business with him. A coin and it's grade should sell itself so there is no need to make deceptive sales pitches and that's what my point was.
  3. They are sad looking clouds. Why did they feel the need to put those on the coin. I didn't count them to see if there is some significance behind them like what the number of stars represent on coins but they give the appearance of filled holes.
  4. Only saw this once before in a photo and thought it was a one-time tampered with/damaged coin. Seeing a news story earlier today about an 1804 Draped Bust Silver Dollar in MS68 condition fetch $7.68 million dollars and then seeing the pictures I noticed it again. I looked up the Draped Bust Silver Dollar and all pictured have these same blotchy spots on the reverse above the stars and under the words "STATES OF". Why is that? Did something have to be covered up at one point in time? It's first I'm seeing this where every coin of it's type looks like this. I'm aware of coins being drilled for jewelry in the past and then filled later on and others shaved for what were called love tokens but something different appears to have been going on with these.
  5. I wouldn't have it graded at all. If not counterfeit it would be too low of a grade. Guessing a "Details" G grade at best with "Corrosion" and "Scratched" for sure depending on if you send it to the cheaper grading services like ANACS or ICG. They are not shy about listing 2 flaws on their labels.
  6. In looking at the Registry or Verify Certification tools here or even at PCGS for that matter, how accurate can the stats be for the number of Total Graded coins and those "In Higher Grades"? I'm asking after conversations at two local coin shows where multiple people have told me they crack out coins all the time from the holders and resubmit them in hopes of a better grade. I've seen videos of course online too but by doing this the original record of a graded coin is not deleted. So are some coins really more rare they they appear? The image is just an example of the stats I am asking about and not for a specific coin I own. It can be the stats for any old coin and even a different grade.
  7. I agree with VKurtB. I like the look of the 90% coins better. What I really don't like is the milk spots on the modern .999 silver coins. Sadly, they'll show up on some of these new Morgan and Peace dollars.
  8. I'm no expert as I only started collecting at the start of covid but will say this from the graded coins I have which include NGC, PCGS and ANACS. Aside from costs, brand name preference, and ability to sell later, I find the PCGS holders chip the easiest out of the three brands. There is just something about their plastic. I'm very picky about buying those. They have to be perfect for me because I'm not paying to have a coin reholdered. I also found American Silver Eagles tend to milk spot more in PCGS holders than NGC holders. Still in either of these two holders I feel I can sell my coins much easier if I wanted to. Coins I have that I knew were mid grade or lower but still nice little finds I went with ANACS on two submissions. It wouldn't have been worth it to pay the NGC or PCGS fees. Have to say I actually like the ANACS holders. I like that I can read the specs without having to take them out of my NGC boxes. Really like that. Initially was attracted to the ANACS holders but they have a great purpose with the top the way it is. So for me with taking cost out of the picture, NGC would be my first preference. Have to say the labels have the best eye appeal. PCGS has to work on that and their plastic that chips easy and shows wear on the rails.
  9. Better lighting, better angle and definitely cleaned.
  10. Here is a better photo of the 1944. It's the same coin but I placed it in an Air-Tite capsule since.
  11. NGC confirmed that the coin's Cert.# was actually graded in November 2020 and not last month like the dealer was insisting. The dealer lied. Sadly, I never asked the dealer when the coin was graded so he had no reason to lie. All credibility was lost right there with that guy and any potential business from me.
  12. Does Ebay let bidders off the hook or hold them to what they bid? I understand collecting $ from a buyer is one thing but Ebay should ban people like that. I can't remember when I signed up for Ebay but don't have clause in the User Agreement saying the auction is legally binding? I don't know, just asking.
  13. Those listing 2021 Morgans on Ebay for obscene amounts will need to collect their $ early because once Modern Coin Mart and APMEX start their "Pre-Sale" for MS69 and MS70 the cost will definitely be lower than what I saw last night.
  14. I saw them out on eBay. I'd be afraid to pay someone now for something not due to ship out from the US Mint until October.