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  1. Does NGC have any plans to review and update the price guide? There are so many outdated prices that have not been updated in years. Here is just one of many and it's not just the circled item. I like my NGC but have been spending more time on PCGS' website in recent months due to the fact they update more often and in some cases monthly. Just pointing this out as the NGC website would be more helpful and enjoyable if the price guide was better maintained. In this example attached it's going on 3 1/2 years.
  2. If I ever dropped that amount on a coin, that certainly would not be the one. I sure hope it doesn't develop any milk spots.
  3. My PCGS have done well on Great Collections. My gripe with them though is how easily they chip. Agree with those above that I tend to buy already slabbed.
  4. If to APMEX and MCM who will then have graded and resell in PCGS and NGC holders it would not matter to me because that would sort of be behind the scenes. However if I were to buy one or any new coin for that matter I want it packaged better. I don't want a capsule with fingerprints, scuffs, or scratches. Luckily I am not into modern coins but still for those who are, it is disappointing.
  5. My phone takes great photos with coins being the exception. What I'd really like is something I can get decent pics from. From the whole entire coin or just for closer looks at things like DD, RPM, etc. It's just a hobby for me so I don't need anything that would be used in a Princeton Science Lab. When I see great posts here and can't duplicate the quality, been left wondering what others are using.
  6. As stated above, a $5 Liberty Head but picking one of these up ungraded would make me nervous. If that owner is local and you have decent business relationship with a reputable coin dealer I'd have the seller meet you there so it could get checked out if you decide to reconsider.
  7. Is there a decent scope/magnifier that also takes quality digital photos anyone could recommend? I was looking online and not familiar with some of the brands I was seeing. I want to be able to get better views and also be able to post better examples.
  8. I'm going to guess you probably already go to some of your local coins but if not try Coin Shows USA to see what's around in your area. I go to several local shows in my area and there are collectors and vendors there with various coins types and then also some that lean heavily toward a preference they have. https://www.coinshows-usa.com/
  9. I too would pick the 3-cent but that is going by what I can see on my phone and not having the coins in hand. The gold I can see clearly looks cleaned and scratched. I'd have to look up their values too first to consider. If low but I still wanted them slabbed, this may be when you consider one of those ANACS specials with the free return shipping. I still wouldn't send a coin if I thought it could get "Details" on it's label.
  10. If I were 3 coins away from completing a set of 30 and couldn't find them, I would take them in ANACS holders if they met the minimum grade I wanted and if they looked it. Then the debate would be whether to cross them over or to keep looking for them after that in the TPG holder you really want. You can then sell the ANACS. Ir really depends on hard they are to obtain and how bad you want them.
  11. I know a few people believe it or not that don't have smart phones yet. When they take pics they can't even forward them. There can't be that many out there still...right? Or if in a holder you can always use the paintbrush app to hide the cert # if that is the fear.
  12. Looks odd to me. I have a number of Irish coins. Nothing valuable at all but the one from the link looks off without immediately comparing and the fact the entire coin is not shown in either photo is not good.
  13. I think the OP's question was a great one and I like reading the responses. I have graded coins I bought and some I had graded myself. Some have gift grades, some under-graded, and some seem right to me. I have noticed generous grades more often in certain holders. Mainly with one TPG in particular. I also see on Great Collections some older holders selling at a premium over the current holder (not the case with all TPG holders). There is a lot that goes into all that and I am no statistician or expert. I learn here too and that is what is good about the Chat Board.