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  1. Here's a Coin I just recently acquired that will get the Crack out treatment. It was in an ICG slab with a bottom basement Mint State score marked with DMPL next to it. I'm sending it to NGC in my next barrage. I have a probability of losing something rather than gaining and that is a risk I'm willing to take. Sometimes you just got to live a Gambler's Life
  2. I can crack a holder in 2 seconds flat due to my engineering degree. The only thing is I can't tell you how to do it.
  3. I actually sold used cars in Michigan and Indiana 😆. Best part of my short lived career there was getting Pies from the Mennonite & Amish community in exchange for mini-van sales. God bless their sweet hearts
  4. I'm accusing them of screwing up my orders in the Rona and not Communicating with me to get my issues resolved, Closing the doors and running inside the hen house
  5. Let's put it this way, I won't be taking any Vaccine
  6. We are talking about my 89 only, so No I haven't missed any points. The 89 i sent came back as something I never sent in. I had a Windmill 89 lying around in my house and now I magically have 2 Windmill 89's when I purposely sent the much better of the two coins out first. When I got it back I cracked it open and was like wait a second now I have 2 lames. Something happened to my good example. They were night and day differences.
  7. You would have to show me Camera footage of my box being opened in receiving, a robot removing my coin and immediately scanning it. Anything less than that I would accuse them of Felony Theft. Yes
  8. I have no faith in that Company during the Plandemic, that entire State, and PCGS's Employees. I can smell their stench in Nevada !
  9. Then I hope the next time you send a magnificent strike, fully weighted, fully rimmed, laser sharp reeded coin over to PCGS I hope you get back a Coin that was used in a Coin Pusher.
  10. Of course the lesser Windmill coins would never be swapped out with a quality one. Even a toddler knows that
  11. I know quite a few people that were scammed out of something Really Big recently, don't lecture me.
  12. NGC is usually on point, PCGS on the other hand is taking your coins home and grading them. It explains why my 1889 Morgan got swapped out with a lesser coin. Sending in something worth 20K or more and the Swap happens. Cost of living in California is Extreme. Desperate times call for Desperate Measures.
  13. You could try sending that quarter to some drunk flat earthers on the West Coast and they will give it a DCam Designation. Hahaha You can't silence me forever even if you cancel my posts.
  14. Nice Quarter, I was about to say MS-67 but just realized the competition is over. Nice toning also, it doesn't distract too much from the coin
  15. Ah, The voice of Reason strikes again.