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1943 Mint Set

I have just now taken over the #1 position in the 1943 from my most-worthy competitor Chancey MS60+. I was able to do so by upgrading my 1943-D Steelie from the grade of NGC MS67+ CAC to a full NGC MS68 My1943-D and 1943-S quarters have been upgraded from NGC MS67 to  NGC MS67 CAC and NGC MS67* CAC respectively.       

Another year has come and gone

Greetings all: My 1940-1944 mint sets are all #1 in the NGC-only registry; while the 1940 and 1943 sets are #2 in the combined registry behind my worthy competitors Coinbuf and ChancyMS60+, respectively. It's been a good year.     My lead for the 1943 set in the NGC-only registry increased after the judging for 2021 was over; it so happened that I just purchased a 1943-S steelie in the grade of NGC MS67+ CAC...  


Legionary1 in U.S Coins

Relative scarcity and value of later-date Walking Liberty half dollars

Can anyone venture an opinion as to why the '40-S to '45-S Walkers in NGC MS67 are going for so much more than the '39-S Walker in the same condition? For example, there's a '40-S Walker going for just under $8,900 on e-bay right now, and we all know how scarce a '41-S Walker is in the same grade.  By way of comparison, I've seen '39-S Walkers for sale at under $1,000...


Legionary1 in General Information

Different sets, same ranking

How in the name of Eric P. Newman is it possible for different sets to have the same ranking? I am referring to my 1940 year set (which has been the #1 set in the registry for six out of the last seven years) and Coinbuf's 1940 set. My set has the #1 ranking for 2020, and so does his. Yesterday, my set was in the #1 position, and now it is #2. How is this at all possible?  


Legionary1 in Set Problems

General Observation

I write this to protest NGC's decision to allow PCGS-certified coins back into the registry. After all, it was just a couple of years ago that NGC leadership made a big presentation about how PCGS coins could no longer compete in the registry. I feel that NGC's going back on this policy is a slap in the face of those collectors (myself included) who go to great lengths to ensure that their sets are 100% NGC certified