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I write this to protest NGC's decision to allow PCGS-certified coins back into the registry. After all, it was just a couple of years ago that NGC leadership made a big presentation about how PCGS coins could no longer compete in the registry.

I feel that NGC's going back on this policy is a slap in the face of those collectors (myself included) who go to great lengths to ensure that their sets are 100% NGC certified 




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I disagree. NGC is showing that they are willing to sponsor a registry that includes larger population of the best coins that are out there. I have spent a lot of money on building a collection composed of the best coins I could afford from both services. It really hurt me a couple years ago when NGC banned any more PCGS coins. I will be more active now that I can post all of my coins one registry.

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I agree that this move is a slap in the face to us that own NGC coins.  This will only reduce the demand for coins in NGC holders and hence their resale value.  Two years ago NGC stated the reason for the elimination of PCGS coins was that PCGS grading standards had declined to the point that it was no longer "fair" to allow PCGS and NGC coins to compete evenly against each other.  So what makes it "fair" now to allow a PCGS coin that was graded two years ago to compete equally against a NGC coin?  


By the way, I personally feel that PCGS grading standards are equal or better than NGC grading standards.  I just feel that NGC's original argument was bogus.


Whidbey Island Collection



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Well first there are no standards of grading for either company, if there were identifiable standards in use it would not be possible to see the rampant gradeflation we have seen (this is especially true at PCGS) over the past few years.  What we do have are opinions, opinions that change like the wind for no apparent reason.  I don't really think that this move will hasten the ongoing erosion of NGC encased coin prices, but it certainly will not help the situation.  I just don't see a financial benefit to reversing the decision made two years ago but I'm not running the place and perhaps management knows/thinks that this move will have a positive effect on NGC.

I like to purchase coins not plastic so when I can find a nice coin that I like in an NGC holder that is fine by me, but it is true that so many of the really nice coins that NGC has holdered in the past have already been crossed (for better resale reasons) and it can be difficult to find some coins in NGC holders.  Case in point I have been searching for quite a while for a single coin to finish a set, the NGC pops say there are 20+ but I have yet to see one come up for sale in the grade I need/want.  In fact using the closed auction archive that is available on the PCGS site I cannot find a single sale for this coin in the grade.  My conclusion is that there may be a few that are tied up in collections (although again I cannot find a single example listed in the NGC registry for this date/grade) or the much more likely scenario that most or all have been crossed to PCGS holders.  Its hard to complete a set if the coins are not available.

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16 hours ago, Whidbey Island Collection said:

This will only reduce the demand for coins in NGC holders and hence their resale value. 

That is not necessarily true. At the time that the NGC registry stopped accepting PCGS coins, I was working on a set Classic Head Quarter Eagles (1834 to 1839). I was within three coins of completing the set when NGC made the policy change. Since I was that close, I decided finish the set with PCGS coins and posted it there. It is now the #2 set over there behind Hanson’s coins. I don’t like the format of the PCGS registry as well as the NGC registry, but given the circumstances, I used it.


I looked at some graded NGC coins to fill the holes, but in the end, I pushed to finish the set with PCGS coins which I have done. The NGC move had the opposite effect for me. It lowed my demand for NGC graded coins.


To me education is one of the most important aspects of the hobby. Now that I will be able to post my complete set here, I will be able to provide collectors with a commentary about each of the coins that is the set.


My Classic $5 gold set has quite a mix of NGC and PCGS graded. Now I will be able to show that complete set here as well. My 1838-C is an NCG graded coin, and my 1838-D is a PCGS graded piece. It would cost me a pile of money to move either of those coins to the other service, and I don’t spend money on crossovers in any case. I buy the coin, not the plastic.  

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Hi Bill. It is great seeing you post again :)  I am ambivalent leaning towards happy that NGC reversed their decision about PCGS coins in the registry. I was upset when they initially eliminated PCGS coins from the registry as that left me high and dry in every one of my collections. I will now complete two collections because I have PCGS coins that I couldn't enter before and that is a very satisfying feeling to me. As to value increase or decrease I am not certain how that will effect coin values, if at all.  


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I was duped into removing all PCGS quarters from my registry set when NGC changed the score to zero. This year they allowed the points back but will not let my PCGS quarters back. I lost my first place standing because of this.

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