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Week # 264 Put Your Thinking Caps On....

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Which of our currently circulating coins has never undergone a design change?


Good Luck!


Our first place winner will receive a signed copy of "A Guide Book of Modern United States Proof Coin Sets" by David W. Lange. There will also be a runner up prize given to a randomly selected player with the correct answer.


REMINDER: The Numisma-Quest ends on Saturday at midnight EST. Entries after that time will not be valid. See the Trivia info post for more details.


When you post your answer, only the administrators an see it . Stop back this Monday. We will make all the posts visible and announce the winners.

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The Roosevelt Dime, Kennedy Half Dollar and Sacagawea Dollar, unless you consider composition changes and mintmark location changes design changes, in that case it would only be the Sacagawea dollar.

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Presidential $1 (Adams & Washington if counted individually, or not counted if meant as a type because there are 2 presidential designs), Sacajawea $1, & Roosevelt Dime.

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I'm betting because we don't mint the SBA anymore, it's not considered a circulating coin.


If not I'll guess again.


Lincoln, Dime, & Sac.

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sacagawea dollar.

the lincoln cent went from wheat to memorial

the jeff nickel has done all kinds of things

the roosevelt dime switched mint marks from obv to rev

the quart had the bicentennial thing as well as the 50 states

the half also did the bicentennial thing

the dollar (except for the cheerios variety) has been untouched so far.

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by currently do you mean for say 2006 I would say not the Roosevelt Dime because mint mark was on reverse 1646 to 1964 then on obverse starting in 1968.Not the Lincoln cent it changed form Wheat Ears Reverse to Zinc coated steel then to Bronze44-58 then Memorial 59 to 82 then to copper zinc in 82.Not the Nickel 8 or 9 changes there.Not the Washington quarter 50+ changes there.Not the Kennedy half 1964silver 65-70 clad 71 to date silver proof 1976 bicentennial.Eisenhower dollar had the eagle then got the bell then back to eagle.So maybe Susan B Anthony 1979 -1999 ther still circulating somewhere. is my pick Not Sacagawea

dollar had distinctive finishes 5000 with special finish were made in 2000

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I guess it would depend on what you consider a "design" change. The Lincoln Memorial Cent, has remained unchanged in design since its introduction. The composition however has been changed several times. The Roosevelt dime, again has remained unchanged in its design even though the composition has changed from silver to clad. I would also have to add the Sacagawea Dollar. There are still business strikes made of the Sac, and the design AND composition has remained the same.


All other coins have had "design changes"


Nickel changes in 2004, 05, & 06

Quarters of course have changed every couple of months since 1999

Half Dollar saw a design change for the Bicentennial (1975-76)


So, to boil this all down... if you consider compostion change as part of the design change, then only ONE currently circulating coin has never undergone a change, that being the SAC dollar. Otherwise, three, those mentioned above in the first paragraph.


Michael Cooper

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