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Picked up two new coins for my Pontius Pilate collection. I'm pretty much just specializing in these now. My goal is to have the best collection of all of the rare variants and best examples in general on the market. I'm about 1/2 of the way there now, and should achieve this goal within a year.




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Hi TJ,


My apologies: It is true that the 1967E has no Proof mintage ( I am checking my book as I type ).


However I made a mistake in my previous post:


The 1967E says South Africa.


The 1967A Says Suid-Africa.


My apologies for any confusion.


I will now amend the original post.


Thanks ZAR thumbsup2.gif May I ask what book you would recommend on South African coinage?

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Ask me anything you want TJ.


I use South African Coins & Patterns by Brian Hern.


Mine is the 2006 edition so it's still pretty recent.


It seems to me though that SA coin prices are lower in SA then they are elsewhere in the world. I guess that is obvious why but it is important to note when looking at the prices.


If you are interested in ordering the book I can send you Brians Email address. I believe that I took the last Hardcover copy but there are still a few softcover copies left.

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Nice coins, guys. I would love to see your finished Pontius Pilate collection, Thing!


Here are some of my new additions:


Trip to Egypt with the girlfriend:


Backward Chronological Order (view last to first)


I spent way under budget on that trip, which led to my first NEWP:




which lead to my other NEWPs and some pictures:






as well as re-imaging a couple of my favorites:






More definitely to come smile.gif



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Ask me anything you want TJ.


I use South African Coins & Patterns by Brian Hern.


Thanks, ZAR, I do have a question for you. Would you be kind enough to check on the metallic composition of the 1967 SA Proof coin? I'm assuming it is silver or silver/copper but I would like to know it more precisely.


I emailed Brian Hern regarding the book and the 2006 remains the most up to date. He is having more printed but will wait a year or two for another revision. Due to the high shipping costs from SA I have decided to wait to order at this time.

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recent pickup from a friend:










can anyone tell me a little about these coins they only cost me $1.oo.(value?grade? denomination?) I know they are from egypt but don't know alot about world coins yet...


thanks, D




I also picked this up at local pawn shop for $2.00 I think it was good deal huh? Also looks like it has some lamination problems on the Rev. around the area of the 20. Any info on this coin would also be great thanks:




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The first and third ones are Milliemes dated AH1392 (1972). It's listed at 50c in unc in my old Krause.

The second is a 25 Piastre dated AH1413 (1993). $2.75 in unc.


20 Piastres AH1423 (1992) $2.50

10 Piastres AH1413 (1992) $1.25

1 Piastre AH1404 (1984) $0.35

and a 5 Piastres AH1413 (1992) $0.85


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The Krause is invaluable if you're going to do more than dabble in World coins. Buy a used one. I'm still using a 2001 and it hasn't presented any real problems for me.

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Taihen utsukushi ne! 1.gifbeating%20heart.gif


I'm too lazy to count the rays and beads - is that Meiji 4 go sen the early or late variety? If it's the early, I want it. If it's the late, its so much better than mine that I still want it. dancing%20smiley.gif

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Very nice coin & token, taro and yarm. thumbsup2.gif


My most recent has problems (the discoloration on the A&V was scratched off), but I'm keeping it until I find a better one.




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Some of the coins I've acquired during the Holidays:


1834 Durango 8 Reales - Cast Counterfeit (transfer dies)



1813 Mexico City 8 Reales - Mint Error (Tapered Planchet Strike)



1830 Mexico City 8 Reales



1843 Mexico City 8 Reales



More to come ...

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