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Staple Error Nickel
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On 4/11/2024 at 12:46 AM, AHORTON57 said:

Found this 1998 nickel is this a staple Error ?

Hi, I think your coin is exhibiting signs of post-mint damage (PMD).  It looks like a chisel-like device dug some good gashes into yer nickel.  While I cannot say that I am familiar with the "staple error", I think those marks on the nickel would be PMD.  

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Agree with the others - just damage.  I say this a LOT, but it's worth saying again... starting your collecting journey with errors is a very tough road.  There is a lot to know about the minting process before you spot errors with any degree of accuracy.  What's more, YouTube makes it seem like errors are everywhere in change and that you will become rich in searching for them (neither is true).  

I always suggest picking a coin and learning about it.  What does quality look like?  Are there typical striking issues and/or wear patterns.  What are the common coins in the series, which ones are tough.  This approach will continue the learning journey without the frustration of looking at your collection later and seeing lots of face-value damaged coins.

[Self-deprecating note:  I started collecting in 2020, and started with change and coin-roll-hunting. I watched YouTube.  I bought 2x3 cardboard holders and saved anything that "looked different".  Well, almost every coin is now back in circulation.  I was saving garbage, and had not developed my eyes (and brain) enough to recognize it as damage.  I have learned a LOT in 4 years.  I am still not the worlds greatest numismatist, but I can hang.  My point is... if you change your approach, you will be better rewarded (and faster) than chasing ghosts (which is what happens when a brand new collector chases errors)]

Good luck.

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If your nickel didn't exhibit any other abrasions, gouges, or other subsequent damage, I would have taken a look to see if it was a struck through error for being struck through a piece of wire or staple which has been known to happen at the Mint. View the coins in the link I have provided to error-ref.com for examples. You will note on those examples there is no raised metal at the edges of the indents, and also there is no scrape marks in the indent itself.


When I look at the line in your coin, I can see scrape marks at the bottom of where you believe there to be a strike through by a staple. This tells me the mark was caused by a scrape, and not struck through a staple. Then combined with all the rest of the damage on it, it makes sense. It is a nickel that has seen some tough abuse. It is not an error, however.


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