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Does this 1879-CC Morgan appear counterfeit?

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I got this at an estate sale. Still waiting for it to arrive in the mail. The cc mint mark is so far off from any other 1879-cc I can find. However the VAM-6 is close. I just can’t find any other examples of VAM-6 other than the one example on VAM world. I wanted to run it by you guys and see what you think. 

My coin:




Here is the example of VAM-6 on VAM world:



here is the link to the VAM-6:


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If the VAM-6 is presumed authentic, some of the very minor imperfections on it are repeated on your coin. That's generally a good sign. Obviously you want to weigh yours when it arrives, especially given that the color looks a little odd to me.

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On 6/16/2022 at 10:13 PM, MatthewDM11 said:

I just can’t find any other examples of VAM-6 other than the one example on VAM world.

See the attached from PCGS CoinFacts which looks like that variety, although it's a lower VF-20 grade.  Also see the attached comparisons for the mint mark. To me it looks like the mint mark for your coin is off, as it seems like it's a little to the right and closer to the wreath with no die chips present. It also looks like the CC letters on your coin are rotated a little counterclockwise compared to the legit VAM-6.

00 1879-CC Morgan Dollar VF20 CoinFacts.jpg

1879-CC MM Compared to VAM-6.jpg

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What disturbs me about the coin you presented as yours in the photo is the lower portion of the hair on the obverse. On the genuine examples (and I zoomed in on my 1879 Vam3 Capped CC) is the lower hair on your coin is "disconnected". There are gaps at the very base of the hair and on the genuine examples, the hair is raised all across the bottom. Most notably on your coin is in the area near the second star on the right of the 9. 

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