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What coin would you have bought?
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I love old coins. I ain't like modern coins. And that is why I made my account over here because I found there are a lot of coin collectors on this forum website. I was looking for a site online through which I can find information related to working from home for my wife, you can also navigate here to find information related to work from home. When I was looking for that website online, I found your post and it made my day because I love to gather information online related to coins.

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My father-in-law gave me his 1962 Red Book here are a few prices:

  • The Bar Cent (Unc.) - $125
  • Fugio (States United) (Unc.) - $47.50
  • 1793 Half Cent (F) - $155
  • 1796 Plain Edge, No pole Half Cent  (F) - $800
  • 1811 Half Cent (Unc) - $242
  • 1793 Chain Cent (F) - $285
  • 1804 Large Cent (F) - $210
  • 1804 Dollar T2 (Unc) - $28,000
  • 1836 Gobrecht  Dollar (Unc.) - $1,150
  • 1879 Stella (Flowing Hair) (Unc Proof) - $4,500
  • 1879 Stella (Coiled Hair)(Unc Proof) - $10,500
  • 1907 Wire Edge St Gaudens Double Eagle (Unc) - $1,600
  • 1893 Isabela Quarter (Unc) - $42

So yes... Time travel would certainly be helpful in this hobby.

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On 6/1/2022 at 4:26 PM, Mr.Bill347 said:

Modern coins are too boring 😱 I know I’ve spent a lot of time and money on them. But, my favorite issues are the Walking Liberty and the Franklin half




Those are some beauties Mr Bill

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I might've went for a few patterns or rarer proofs. Lord knows they were cheaper before I was born... which was not long ago at all when I really think about it.

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