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1902 Indian Cent - Real Error or Fake?

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Has anyone ever seen this type of error and knows if it is a real coin or a fake?

It has a high edge on obverse and reverse. The coin is thicker than the other 1902s I have and only weighs 2.875g. The colors are bright and dark copper and black. 






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Look like a real 1 cent 

Weight seems right for a variety 3 ihc in that condition 

The rim could be flared from going round and round in a coin counter or dryer 

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I agree with Woods....I think it was spooned.  As such, it's just post minting damage which adds no value to the coin.

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Possibly been spooned.

Before someone asks, this means tapping the edge of a coin with a spoon to raise its rims higher. That's the first step toward converting a coin into a ring, though an Indian Cent is an odd candidate for fashioning a ring.

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On 1/16/2022 at 3:52 PM, VKurtB said:

Not an error at all. 

I agree. On the other hand I have a [common date] I H C which is glued to a money clip. That's got malice aforethought written all over it

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