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Need an Honest Members Help

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A few questions:

What kind of coins interest you?

What are your collecting goals?

Is cost an issue?

Do you have access to local dealers or coin shows, or will most purchases be from the internet?

Honest answers to these question will help us to help you.

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Hello Gofiga.  I would like to politely explain something to you.  This NGC forum is packed full of world renowned numismatic experts who are more than willing to help anyone 'new to the game'.  I was new to coin collecting at one point and heck..... I am still learning from the help of the experts on this NGC forum and I am extremely grateful for their overwhelming help, insight and support. The thing is... I learned from their comments when I posted something that I was unsure of and I accepted their answers. Not only did I accept their answers, but I then took it upon myself to really start learning about coins and certain errors and varieties which I enjoy, by educating myself with Numismatic educational material.  The internet itself is full of information in which to learn from. 

Below is one of your posts that you made in your 'New to Coins' thread back in May of this year.  Your comment, as JKK remembers and pointed out, is not well taken by those who are volunteering their time and expertise in helping out newcomers to this great hobby.  You asked a question as a new coin collector, receive numerous and well educated replies... AND... Mr. DW Lange, The Research Director at NGC  (the forum in which you are visiting if I may remind you) whom I would consider to be "just" a little bit of an EXPERT and knowledgeable on coins, replied to your thread .... and then you post what you posted.....? I am truly at a loss of words as you called us all Dumb People....:facepalm:  You said you were going to join another coin forum... so what happened on 'that' forum that made you come back here? Just curios......

Your post below:

"Lol dumb ppl I asked a simple question and that was all then saying it's fake or altered when you have no clue So laugh all u want because I'm not trying to get anyone to agree on anything person_having_a_hard_time_understanding_my_point 2+2=5 lol no way possible what a dumb comment the post says new to Coins means I'm new to coin collecting So yea I don't know much but I do know one thing this is the worst negative chat group for new ppl Just asking a simple question but thanks to your negative inputs I will find another coingroup to join"

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@Gofiga I ain’t no expert I don’t consider people to be experts in coin collecting but some folks have spent their entire life studying and collecting certain coin series or specific type of coins that earned them a title to call themselves “experts” … To me a majority of us are just humble collectors that have a passion for collecting coins , And we read and read and study and study as much as we can about coins so we don’t have to ask so many questions . knowledge is power . 

what type of coins are you interested in collecting to start off ? US coins ? World coins ? 

you want something that appreciates in value that has a good market that is mostly in demand so you can make a profit is you decide to sell ?

I don’t recommend new collectors spending hundreds of dollars on “raw” coins unless they know what they are looking at and knowledgeable about a specific coin they plan to purchase raw . Otherwise familiarize yourself with a specific coin dearies and learn what the prices are going for who buying and paying at prices before you even think about purchasing a coins 

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On 8/9/2021 at 7:22 AM, Greenstang said:

Maybe he couldn’t find that “new coin group to join” and decided to give us another chance.

Or maybe he made them mad as well, and they "decided" for him.  Could be that they are "dumb" people in those other groups as well.    

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On 8/8/2021 at 6:51 PM, Gofiga said:

I am new to coin collecting and I would just like to get help getting started on how to do stuff in coin collecting

Scour the worlds parking lots for coins that will be the crown jewels of your collection, just a dumb suggestion from one of the dumb ppl.  :banana: 

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