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OPA-1 cent Blue & Red Point WWll Ration tokens
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Forgot I had these, my great uncles and aunts remember these. Pretty cool to have. I'm guessing the blue ones were for process food, and the red ones were for meats and ect.. also these were given back for change when using stamps. 





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2 hours ago, DWLange said:

In case you decide to collect them by check numbers:


OPA Board - small.jpg

Didn't know they made those,  that's pretty cool. 

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I believe the boards were made by the Ration Token Collectors Society.  Unfortunately they are no longer available and may eventually become collectible themselves.  I have two full sets of the tokens (one circ, on Mint) but I don't have any of the boards.

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They were produced by Joe Lawonde in 1970 and sold through the RTCS. The boards sold out many years ago. I have a couple different varieties of the board in my own collection, and I've sold one duplicate that I had. These are seen only rarely, and they always bring a strong price.

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I've always found these interesting. Some meaningless facts I found when looking into them:

Minted by Osborne Coinage. They were produced 24 hours a day with as many as 80 million being made in one day. 5 billion total tokens were minted.

There are 30 red and 24 blue letter combinations. What the letters mean has never been divulged. While some people think they were random, the fact that it has never been publicly stated leads many to believe there is something behind the lettering.

They are made of vulcanized fiber.

Blue tokens were used for processed foods. Red tokens for meats and fats.

At least one TPG will grade them:



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