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Needing information

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Can anyone tell me some information about this coin? Please and thanks in advanced......like,  is it silver? Whats it worth? Are there any errors that u can tell from the photos???  Etc......hm







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1 hour ago, Greenstang said:

The value is on the Reverse.

Welcome to the forum.  Greenstang is correct, this is a copper/clad Bicentennial. I love these Quarters and with all due respect I just wanted to politely elaborate a tad bit on Greenstang's quote.  There is a known variety for this date but it is from the Denver Mint, not the Philadelphia Mint.  Yours looks to be a Philly Mint from the pic as I can't make out a D Mint Mark on the obverse.  I believe "The value is on the Reverse" quote was meant in referring to the Doubled Die variety that does exist on the Reverse of the coin for the Denver Minted Bicentennial Quarter. Although your coin isn't a D Mint, it wouldn't matter if it is was due to the condition of the coin.  This Quarter has seen better days for sure and looks to have had a serious case of road rash, parking lot pounding or an acid bath at some point during it's life and is worth only 25 Cents..... Hope this helps.  

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Greenstang nailed it. This coin is damaged and has been in acid that eroded some of the copper core which makes it look like a pulley. 

The reference to the value is on the reverse is also correct, and not based on any error. It’s worth a Quarter Dollar (face value) and has no numismatic value. Spend it. 

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1 hour ago, Just Bob said:

I have been on this forum off and on for over ten years. During that time, I have seen all kinds of wood, cloth, countertop material, and lots of different books, papers, and other materials used as backgrounds. Also plenty of fingers and palms. I don't ever recall seeing a bare leg being used as a background until recently, and now I have seen two in just a little over a week. Must be a new trend.

Welcome to the forum, Ashley.

As others have stated, your coin was subjected to a corrosive environment, which "ate" the copper core more than the copper/nickel cladding. The is why the edge looks like it has a groove around it. I don't see any errors, and it is in pretty bad shape. It isn't rare, and it isn't valuable - just worth 25 cents. 

It is, however interesting looking. I would keep it for just that reason, but if you choose to spend it, no harm done.

If the 3rd image is a leg I would recommend staying out of the sun and some moisturizer be applied. :devil:
....and yes, the 25¢ piece has seen better days too. value = 25¢

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Wow u guys are great! Thanks alot.  I know the coin has been through alot it came from my 100 yr old grandmother so there's no telling what all its been through. Lol. I didn't know just thought I would throw it out there u guys are the experts. Thanks for the welcome too, it was very thoughtful.  I have a few more coins from her that are really to me just plain coins I don't know much about coins so I will be asking some more questions soon if yall don't mind.  And yes I have to stay out of the sun, its harsh on porcelain skin ☺☺☺ 

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