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11 Cent Piece?
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What say you guys. Do I have an 11 Cent piece here? 

Had it for over a year now and Only shared it to one group and was told it was just a Die Clash and all the other jargon going on with it was damage. I didn't agree but didn't wanna seem like an angry newbie that couldn't take the truth so I kept it to myself. Until Ken Potter shared the overlays of the '91 a couple of months ago and it's all there. Although about 180° off. What do y'all think? If you don't agree then tell me what you do think is going on with it, please.  It isn't glue or anything sticky that had a Dime stuck to it. Other than some Zinc Bubbles, the Coin is MS+. Oh, mine is the '83. The '91 is the overlay Potter shared.





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This is awfully confusing to me, since, considering that the '91 is the first picture, it looks like you are asking about it, instead of the '83.

I don't see anything on your coin (the '83) that looks like a dime. I don't think a cent blank could be struck with the dime design, anyway .A cent planchet is too big to fit in a dime collar. In order for your cent to have been struck by dime dies, the collar would have to be missing, and the planchet would likely have to be placed in the coining chamber by hand. The extra obverse design looks like the Lincoln memorial, to me, which would indicate clashed dies.

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@Hoghead515 yep, just a simple Clashed Die. Unfortunately. I was hoping for more and hate when people get my hopes all up just to have them dashed back down.

@valk1999 You know, I am pretty good at seeing things in clouds and on coins, but I totally missed that one. Thanks! Maybe using that as a selling point will get me a higher price. Lol! 

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