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My Pan American Set is complete!

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I recently purchased a silver example. Pictured below are the silver and bronze. I have a gilt but can't seem to find a picture of it.

This design has always appealed to me, and I love the silver and gilt examples most because of the patina.


The silver was awarded to the Wagner Electric company. According to who I purchased it from, his father saved it and other medals from the trash when the company closed.

It has a lovely original patina, eventually I will send it in for grading so all three medals are in matching holders.

Thanks for looking!







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Those are beautiful !


It's a shame that nobody would ever design a medal like that today. A nude, liberty like figure ? Not going to happen......

Let alone a couple guys getting 'high'......


Living in the land of the Pan Am, I'm surprised I've never seen these.....



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Ankur, Glad I was able to help you complete your Pan American set.


My father worked at Wagner Electric for 38 years and when the company moved to another state he was one of the last to be let go. He was always looking in the dumpsters for items he could repair or repurpose when he discovered a small box full of medals.


In total he rescued a total of 8 Worlds Fair and Exposition medals all awarded to Wagner between 1900 and 1915 including a trio of award medals from the Franklin Institute.

These medals had been locked away since 1978 hidden in a closet and recently rediscovered after his passing.


I had no idea what they were until after searching the web for info when I found a post on this great forum.



This is what that little box contained.


Paris Expo bronze 1900

Pan American silver 1901

South Carolina West Indian gold 1901-02

Universal Expo St.Louis gold and silver 1904

Lewis and Clark Centennial gold and bronze 1905

Panama Pacific bronze 1915


Franklin Institute Medals

National Export Expo

Edward Longstreth Medal of Merit 1902

John Price Wetherill Medal of Merit 1925








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