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For those of you who like nice coins, but don't receive my lists...

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Here is a copy of my latest email and list of new offerings:




Dear client,


Below, please find my latest list of new rare coin offerings. I've bragged about the quality of my last two or three lists and don't want to sound like a broken record. So I will just let the coins do the talking this time.


As always, coins will be placed on hold and/or sold, based upon the order in which requests and/or orders are received. And they are being offered here, prior to being listed on my website.


Thanks, as always, for looking.





My website: http://markfeldcoins.com/








1853 Braided Hair Half Cent NGC/CAC MS64RB $825

Sharp and clean, displaying faded mint red color about the protected areas of the obverse and over a significant portion of the reverse. NGC ID#2365102-001

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/halfcent853ngcMS64RB.jpg





1853 Braided Hair Large Cent NGC/CAC MS65BN $825

Rich chocolate brown in hue, with lovely, clean, glossy surfaces. This pristine looking example resides in an older NGC "fatty" holder. NGC ID#247846-004

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/cent1853ngcMS65bn.jpg


1853 Braided Hair Large Cent NGC/CAC MS66BN $1525

Quite a bit of faded mint red color is visible, considering that this gemmy example has been designated "BN". Additionally, there is a near complete absence of marks, spots or other distractions. NGC ID#3318848-012

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/cent1853ngcMS66BN.jpg


1853 Braided Hair Large Cent PCGS/CAC MS65RD $4975

This blazer is surely among the finest and most impressive "RD" Braided Hair Cents I have seen. The fiery color is vibrant and un-mellowed, while the surfaces are almost completely free of carbon and contact marks. You can probably find another representative of this grade and type for a lot less money, but it's quality, originality and overall visual appeal wont begin to compare. An amazing coin! PCGS ID#25395704

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/cent1853pcgs65RD.jpg


1874 Indian Cent NGC/CAC MS65RB $775

Pleasing color and surfaces, with the luster being better and the color, prettier, than seen in my image. NGC ID#3473159-002

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/cent1874ngc65RB.jpg


1880 Indian Cent PCGS PR65BN $525

When tilted under a light, this coin offers enticing, sure-to-please turquoise colored surface. Additionally, there is a bit of obverse contrast and considerably more so on the reverse. Buy the description, not the image. PCGS ID#05975309

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/cent1880pcgspr65bn.jpg





1865 Two Cent Piece PCGS/CAC MS65RB $600

Fairly even red-brown color can be seen on each side of this solid representative of the grade and type. The luster is much bolder than it appears in my image, and the color and eye-appeal are superior, as well. Housed in an older green label PCGS holder. PCGS ID#6360677

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/twocent1865pcgs65RB.jpg





1880 Shield Nickel PCGS PR66 Cameo $975

Essentially color-free, with extremely well preserved surfaces. An obverse lint mark can be seen extending from the first leaf on the left, to the rim at approximately 9:00. PCGS ID#05975311

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/nickel1880pcgspr66cam.jpg


1913 Type One Buffalo Nickel PCGS PR65 $3475

Outrageously toned in vivid, multicolored hues. This one offers tremendous eye appeal for a Matte Proof, or for that matter, any type of coin. PCGS ID#19224358

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/nickel1913TypeOnepcgsPR65.jpg


1914 Buffalo Nickel PCGS PR65 $2100

Housed in a tiny PCGS "rattler" holder, this pristine looking example offers a fully detailed strike, the likes of which are only seen on Matte Proofs. In addition to that, it boasts coruscating - I think I had to look that word up, once - luster and attractive, medium depth patina. While I believe that this one is accurately graded, I have seen others, which looked to be inferior and less appealing, graded higher. PCGS ID#3070503

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/nickel1914pcgsPR65.jpg


1936 Type Two Buffalo Nickel PCGS/CAC PR66 $2650

Deeply mirrored surfaces are graced by delicate, icy lavender patina. More brilliant and impressive looking in hand and possibly a tiny fleck or two away from a higher grade. This delightful looking Proof is encapsulated in a green label PCGS holder. PCGS ID#652354

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/nickel1936TypeTwopcgsPR66.jpg





1842 Stars Obverse Seated Liberty Half Dime NGC/CAC MS65 $1275

This little beauty is yet another NGC "fatty" holder inhabitant. Struck from lightly clashed dies, it displays luscious color, a mostly full strike and virtually mark free surfaces. NGC ID#133120-012

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/halfdime1842ngcms65.jpg


1852 Stars Obverse Seated Liberty Half Dime PCGS/CAC MS66 $2100

Here is one of my favorite new coins. It is beautifully toned, impeccably preserved and boldly defined in its strike. It packs a giant wallop in the eye appeal department. Quite rare at this grade level, with a PCGS population of just 9, with only 5 higher. PCGS ID#25397625

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/halfdime1852pcgs66.jpg





1805 4 Berries Draped Bust Dime PCGS AU53 $3800

I admire Draped Bust coinage, but I have a devil of a time locating examples which have the right look, to suit my admittedly-fussy tastes. This one certainly works for me, however. Take a look at the accompanying image and you will probably see why. I wish all women who were 200 plus years old looked so good! PCGS ID#50144868

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/dime1805pcgsAu53.jpg


1837 No Stars Seated Liberty Dime NGC/CAC AU58 $975

Large Date. A flashy example, which displays rich iridescence on both sides. I love the No Stars Half Dime and Dime designs and this coin looks much better in person. NGC ID#3316164-002

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/dime1837ngcAU58.jpg


1876 Legend Obverse Seated Liberty Dime NGC/CAC MS65 $975

This one is colorfully toned, and even better, it's fully proof-like. An absolutely awesome looking Seated Liberty Dime. NGC ID#691983-009

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/dime1876NGC65.jpg


1912 Barber Dime PCGS/CAC MS65 $625

A pretty mint state Barber Dime, which possesses frosty surfaces, overlaid with attractive patina. There are barely any flaws on either side. Excellent quality and look for the type and grade. PCGS ID#18417859

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/dime1912pcgs65.jpg


1916 Barber Dime PCGS/CAC MS66 $1200

Another winner of a business strike Barber Dime, with full cartwheel luster emanating from beneath the lovely toning. This one is lighter, more lustrous and flashier than seen in the image. PCGS ID#24413003

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/dime1916BarberPCGS66.jpg





1865 No Motto Seated Liberty Quarter NGC PR65 $5350

Crystal clear, glittering, deep mirror surfaces are graced with exquisite coloration on both obverse and reverse. Even through the toning, there is obvious contrast between the devices and fields, and that adds further to the outstanding eye appeal of this highly captivating offering. NGC ID#952190-001

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/quarter1865ngcPR65.jpg


1873 No Arrows Seated Liberty Quarter PCGS PR64 $1350

Lightly frosted devices nicely compliment the toned fields. Just a few too many (unobtrusive) hairlines to warrant a higher grade and price. PCGS ID#26337574

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/quarter1873pcgsPR64.jpg


1897-S Barber Quarter NGC MS65 $5975

Housed in an NGC "fatty" holder, this scarce Barber Quarter exhibits conspicuously colorful satiny surfaces. It is well struck, highly original looking and free of all but the most trivial of flaws. The 1897-S saw one of the lowest mintages in the entire Barber Quarter series. And not surprisingly, the NGC Census Report lists only 126 examples for all grades combined. Among those are only 8 MS65' and 5 higher. An outstanding coin. NGC ID#240699-004

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/quarter1897Sngc65.jpg


1907 Barber Quarter NGC/CAC PR67 $5500

Gorgeously toned in multicolored hues on both sides, this Proof Barber Quarter is also of superb technical quality. I could not locate a hairline on either side. This beauty gives the appearance of one which has been carefully and lovingly cared for during the past 100+ years. If you prefer dipped white coins, please do not view the accompanying image. It might be harmful to your psyche and cause you to second guess your collecting habits. NGC ID#4077203-004

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/quarter1907ngcPR67.jpg


1916-D Barber Quarter PCGS/CAC MS65 $1125

Frosty and clean with pleasing patina and a great overall look. PCGS ID#13516100

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/quarter1916dpcgs65.jpg


1917-D Type One Standing Liberty Quarter PCGS MS64 $500

Somewhat mottled, though vibrant, colorful toning highlights each side of this pleasing offering. Very nice detail for a non FH example. PCGS ID#11218854

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/quarter1917dTypeOnePCGS64.jpg


1929 Standing Liberty Quarter NGC/CAC MS65FH $785

Highly lustrous, gently toned obverse; reverse with deeper, but more colorful patina. A very cool looking Standing Liberty Quarter. NGC ID#3580961-003

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/quarter1929ngc65FHlast.jpg


1930-S Standing Liberty Quarter NGC MS66FH $1350

Beautifully toned on each side and accurately depicted by the image linked below. Rarely will you see a Standing Liberty Quarter with color as desirable as this. It is smoother and even more impressive looking up close and personal. NGC ID#3425540-003

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/quarter1930Sngc66FH.jpg


1939 Washington Quarter PCGS MS67 $325

Encapsulated in an older green label PCGS holder, this superb example is more vibrant and impressive looking than shows in my image. PCGS ID#4186560

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/quarter1939pcgs67.jpg






1807 Draped Bust Half Dollar NGC MS62+ $12,975

As I mentioned in my description of the 1805 Draped Bust Dime from this list "I admire Draped Bust coinage, but I have a devil of a time locating examples which have the right look, to suit my admittedly-fussy tastes. This one certainly works for me, however.


This is one of the nicer and more pristine looking Draped Bust Half Dollars that I have encountered in a long while. And that is regardless of grade. Perhaps most unusually, it is fully lustrous - something that is rarely seen, even on higher graded examples. It is also struck from clashed dies, well centered and sharply struck. Take a look at the hair detail on Ms. Liberty and the stars on the obverse, along with the eagle's breast feathers and wings, among other areas. Add to the aforementioned attributes, the pleasing, highly original looking patina, and you have an absolutely wonderful representation of this type. And one that looks much better than a number of higher graded pieces. This is my favorite coin among a number of winners from this list. NGC ID#3600993-005

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/halfdollar1807ngcms62plus.jpg


1831 Capped Bust Half Dollar PCGS XF45 $210

This crusty example looks very similar to how it appears in my image. Yes, that actually does happen, on occasion. PCGS ID#26267915

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/halfdollar1831pcgsXF45.jpg


1831 Capped Bust Half Dollar PCGS/CAC AU58 $875

Loads of luster emanates from beneath the colorful patina on this marvelous Capped Bust Half Dollar. When you view this one, it is very easy to understand why sometimes AU58's sell for more than MS60's, MS61's, etc.

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/halfdollar1831pcgsAU58.jpg


1853 Arrows & Rays Seated Liberty Half Dollar NGC AU55 $775

Here is an attractive representative of this popular type, and as such, is very difficult to come by. It is struck from clashed dies and bears a number of inconsequential marks from light circulation. Additionally, it is a bit darker and more original looking than shows in my image. NGC ID#2549165-005

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/halffollar1853ngcAU55.jpg


1873 Arrows Seated liberty Half Dollar NGC/CAC AU58 $800

Here is a very choice and alluring, high end AU representative of this two year type. In a number of ways it is much more desirable than many higher grade, more costly uncirculated candidates. For the record, I used the word "candidates" for those who wish to talk politics at this time of year. NGC ID#3003120-001

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/halfdollar1873ngcAu58.jpg


1934-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar PCGS/CAC MS65 $1500

Subtle, yet attractive color can be seen over portions of the satiny surfaces This is a tough-to-find date, grade and look combination. In terms of color and eye appeal, this coin looks considerably better than seen in the image. PCGS ID#26477393

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/halfdollar1934Dpcgs65.jpg


1941-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar PCGS MS65 $975

I'll keep this short and let the image do the talking. This is easily one of the prettier toned 1941-S Walkers I have seen. PCGS ID#26483066

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/halfdollar1941spcgs65.jpg


1946 Walking Liberty Half Dollar NGC/CAC MS67 $1400

This pristine looking example is encapsulated in an older NGC "fatty" holder. It boasts bountiful luster, lovely color and superbly preserved surfaces. Here is the epitome of an MS67 Walking Liberty Half Dollar. Many collectors do not realize how tough the 1946 is in MS67 condition. The NGC Census Report shows just 40-MS67's, 1-MS67 star and 1-MS68. By way of comparison, seven other dates in the series have MS67 populations of 200 or more. NGC ID#262456-002

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/halfdollar1946ngc67.jpg






1798 Draped Bust Dollar PCGS/CAC AU55 $13,500

Overall, this is one of the most appealing Draped Bust Dollars of any grade that I have seen or handled in a very long time. Luster? Check. Strike? Check. Surfaces? Check. Original looking? Check. Eye-appeal? Check. This one has it all, and the accompanying image will give you a very good idea of what it looks like. A mint made flaw, which can be seen at approximately 7:00 on the obverse and the corresponding portion of the reverse, is mentioned for the sake of accuracy and future identification. PCGS ID#25526238

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/dollar1798pcgsAU55last.jpg


1881 Trade Dollar PCGS/CAC PR64+ Cameo $6500

Why was this gorgeous Proof graded PR64+ Cameo, as opposed to PR65 Cameo? I don't know. What I do know is that its surfaces are crisp, clear and deeply reflective, with no more/worse hairlines than I have seen on many PR65's. And that it boasts light to medium toning which is absolutely exquisite. And that it offers tremendous eye-appeal. A simply splendid, superior, stunning, striking looking Proof Trade Dollar. PCGS ID#25526012

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/dollarTrade1881pcgspr64pluscam.jpg


1886 Morgan Dollar NGC MS65 $145

Deeply toned, with areas of nice color on both sides. NGC ID#210688-010

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/dollar1886ngc65.jpg





Elgin PCGS MS66 $360

A frosty offering with silver-gray surfaces complimented by some fiery orange-red iridescence at portions of the border on each side. PCGS ID#90068698

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/commemElginpcgs66.jpg


Grant NGC MS65 $585

Gently and relatively evenly toned. This lustrous example displays better flash and eye appeal than many others I have seen of the same grade. NGC ID#3418259-001

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/commemGrantngc65.jpg


Lincoln PCGS MS66+ $1400

Sharply struck, with full, glowing luster, highly attractive toning and nearly perfect surfaces. I prefer this to a number of MS67's which I have seen and/or owned. PCGS ID#25093879

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/commemLincolnpcgs66plus.jpg


Long Island NGC MS65 $235

Pretty, rich red and violet color covers each side and adds considerable character to this fine looking Long Island. NGC ID#3415703-007

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/commemLongIslandngc65.jpg


New Rochelle NGC MS65 $400

Another NGC "fatty" holder resident, this example is gently toned and looks very clean, as well as high end for the assigned grade. NGC ID#261077-003

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/commemNewrochellengc65.jpg


New Rochelle PCGS MS66 $585

Here is an eye-catching, tab toned example. It features areas of deep golden, red and orange color at both the center and at the periphery of each side. PCGS ID#03846336

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/commemNewRochellepcgs66.jpg


Norfolk PCGS/CAC MS67 $775

Lightly toned with bountiful luster and a pristine appearance. This one happens to look extremely close to how it appears in my image. PCGS ID#60008055

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/commemNorfolkpcgs67.jpg


Oregon 1937-D PCGS MS67 $600

This Oregon makes two in a row. No, not two PCGS MS67 1937-D Oregon halves. But rather, two coins in a row that, considering the photographer, look shockingly close to the images provided. This is a very nice looking, tab toner, as evidenced by the toning pattern on the reverse. PCGS ID#25526350

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/commemOregon1937Dpcgs67.jpg


Robinson PCGS MS66 $585

The example herein offered is unusually attractive looking for a Robinson. It's not gorgeous, but it certainly displays better color and eye appeal than the large majority of others that I have seen. PCGS ID#60005454

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/commemRobinsonpcgs66.jpg


Texas 1936-S PCGS MS66 $375

This Texas is more lustrous and colorful than seen in my image. In particular, the obverse features some lovely, fiery red, orange and purple toning, which is muted by my picture. The reverse is a bit lighter and better looking in hand, too. PCGS ID#26394075

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/commemTexas1936spcgs66.jpg






1902 Liberty $2.50 PCGS/CAC MS65 $1750

Extremely well struck, of superior quality for the assigned grade and wonderfully original looking. This is not one of those (all too common) examples that look as if they have gone through a car wash and received extra soap. It also looks far better than seen in my image. PCGS ID#26211694

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/goldtwohalf1902pcgs65.jpg


1872 Three Dollar Gold Piece PCGS/CAC AU55 $3600

For your viewing pleasure - a glowing, prooflike beauty, with great color and flash, as well as eye-appeal which is about as good as it gets. Only 2030 Three Dollar Gold Pieces of this date were produced, so this is a fantastic looking coin, which is also a RARE coin. The PCGS Population Report shows a total population of only 172 for all grades combined. This one looks good in the accompanying image, but awesome in hand. PCGS ID#3354613

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/goldthree1872pcgsAu55.jpg


1908 Indian $5 PCGS/CAC MS63 $1750

I bought this and the 1909-D below because they each have really nice and original appearances, AND because the current prices seem extremely reasonable. I passed on others which fell short of these two examples. PCGS ID#25533456

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/goldfive1908pcgs63.jpg


1909-D Indian $5 PCGS/CAC MS63 $1750

I bought this and the 1908 above because they each have really nice and original appearances, AND because the current prices seem extremely reasonable. PCGS ID#25399660

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/goldfive1909dpcgs63.jpg


1915-S Saint Gaudens $20 PCGS/CAC MS65 $3150

Uncommonly clean, with excellent color and luster. When Saints are this well preserved, they really are beautiful coins. PCGS ID#07445328

Images: http://markfeldcoins.com/client/goldtwenty1915Spcgs65.jpg

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Thanks for posting.


I have always wondered about the types of offerings you have that don't make the website.


I hope that you continue posting these on the Money Marketplace forum.

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Thanks for posting.


I have always wondered about the types of offerings you have that don't make the website.


I hope that you continue posing these on the Money Marketplace forum.


Its very useful to get on his list. I'm guessing by the time he posted this list on here, half the best ones were already gone.

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Thanks for posting.


I have always wondered about the types of offerings you have that don't make the website.


I hope that you continue posing these on the Money Marketplace forum.


Its very useful to get on his list. I'm guessing by the time he posted this list on here, half the best ones were already gone.


Indeed, you have to be quick.

Superb dealer



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I agree, many nice coins and at reasonable prices. I am at a disadvantage due to CA tax under $1500, otherwise I would have bought several over the last years.



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