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Lowcountry Coin Show Report

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Well, as you all know, I love taking my little sister to the semi-annual coin show here in town. Its usually a good show, and we always have a great time. This time was no exception. There were significantly less dealers here than usual (usually there are well over thirty, this time there was more like 25). The show wasn't crowded, but it certainly wasn't empty. There isn't a huge coin collecting presence in SC, so this isn't surprising. I'm guessing the hamfest next door probably distracted some would-be shoppers (for those of you wondering, this was not a collection of pig farmers and their salted wares - its a convention for amateur radio enthusiasts).


Almost immediately upon our arrival to the show, my sister and I chanced upon mtnstyne and his son. They had just arrived, and it was nice to meet him in person. Also, at the first table I looked at, I saw the only coin I was going to buy. It was yet another pillar dollar, this time with absolutely marvelous surfaces and a ring of subtle toning on the obverse. Trying to get this to show up in pictures is nearly impossible. There was a good variety of stuff at the show, although everything was priced pretty strongly. The dealers had a good selection of stuff they picked up at FUN (where almost everything was priced strongly as well). I don't know if this is a sign the coin market is picking up or not - but people were buying, and the dealers all said they were having a good show. There were more magnificent toners at this show than I recall having seen in the past. Anyways, my sister and I had an excellent time, and I'll leave you with my newest purchase. Anyone that can tell me more about it would be appreciated (including what you think it grades and what you think its worth):




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found a couple links, you may have seen these already, but incase you haven't , they might help you figure out more info on it.






my wild-*** guess would be XF 30-35.


cool coin. it has some age to it. lol . its probably 100 years older than my oldest coin. actually not probably, defintely, and more like 150 lol. its wierd to think there was no U.S.A when this coin was minted.



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I will post more when the boards are fixed, thought I had a virus or something.


Jasons coin looks even better in hand. Hard to type on my phone.

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Nice coin. I picked up a few coins at the show, but never found that coin that screamed "buy me!" at the right price.


For my Type Set I picked up:


1) a nice MS66+ Walker:






2) a MS62FH Standing Liberty quarter:






3) a PF68 Franklin:






4) a 1964 PF69 Kennedy




and a few common coins.

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OK, just installed Google Chrome and it seems to work better, and pages load a lot faster...anyway.


Jason's coin was great in hand, it has a very subtle rim toning that give it great eye appeal. And he's not joking, we met just as both got there and he looked over and there it was. I was not as fortunate in my quest. I was trying to find some nice copper to put in the Dansco to get it out of the way (not a fan of copper). I didn't have any luck at all in that department, but I picked up an AU 1883 no cents nickel, and then these two that I found after lunch.


It was a very nice show, and though it may be small by most standards it's the biggest I have been to. It was nice to meet a forum member in person and maybe next time we will have more time and I can get a lesson or two from Jason, although much younger than me he is much more knowledgeable. I am hoping I might get lucky and make it to FUN next year as well, but that is too far off to have any idea what will be going on.


Would love to hear opinions on these two posted, I know I overpaid, but I didn't want to head home empty handed! And the photos really don't do justice for the morgan, it's probably low MS but the colors are crazy and has nice mirrors. That being said my impression was that the colors are natural since the coin has such great luster, but would like opinions from the group.


Edit: I will have to take some new pictures for the morgan as these turned out horrible.





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OK, the color is impossible to capture, but if you look at the three pictures of the obverse and notice the color at the bottom how it is in different spots on all three pictures. Imagine that color flooding the fields as you twirl it to see the luster. Same effect on both sides. Again, low MS but the color is spectacular in hand.





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mtnstyne - that Morgan is fantastic! Beautiful toning, both obverse and reverse, and a killer strike on the reverse. If the luster is strong, that is easily a 63+.


CsDot - I was looking at that Walker, the obverse strike is as solid as you could ever hope to find. The luster on that one is off the charts, though, fully deserving the 66+. Great pickup - and if I were still collecting Walkers, I woulda beat you to it.

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Thanks for the compliment. It is a beautiful Walker.


One type of coin I was looking for this weekend that I didn't see were MS65 Saints. I guess that shouldn't surprise me since the premiums over bullion price are as little as $350 over spot, when it use to be several times that figure. Maybe dealers are leaving their MS Saints at home until those premiums come back?


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