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Shane - "That's what friends are for!"

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If I recall correctly, the first time I met Shane face-to-face was at a show in Clearwater about 6 years ago. (Please correct me if I'm wrong, buddy!) His posts on these forums had belied his age because I was expecting someone much older. He was carrying with him a large, metal "lunchbox" full of toners which he proceeded to show my Mom & me. That's when I really became interested in Morgan toners. Since that occasion, we have tried to get together at various shows whenever possible, and I have always been amazed at his ability to know which dealers would have the best selections and great bargains.


Over the years when someone has posted photos, here, of a really nice coin, I can't count the number of times I have expressed my admiration by making such comments as, "It's ugly! Send it to me!" or "What were you thinking? I'll take it off your hands!" Well, last week was no different. When Shane started his thread about some vintage NGC slabs, I said pretty much the same thing about one of them, an 1896 Morgan.




When Shane said, "It's yours!", I thought he was just kidding much as I had done. Subsequently, via PM, I learned that he was dead serious. His reason for this kind gesture is rather personal, so please forgive me for not telling you why. It's not easy for me to find the right words to express my appreciation for someone who has been such a good friend. You know, you can go through your whole life and still count the number of true friends you have on just one hand, and Shane is one of those rare individuals whom you can trust with your life.


For the record, that will be the last time that I ever use expressions such as, "What were you thinking?" or "It's ugly!" because it now has a very special meaning for me. Thanks, buddy!


Anyway, I received the Morgan yesterday, and here are Shane's photos since my photographic abilities really $uck.






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That's really excellent!


I always chuckle when I read the ways we try to get folks to part with their coins.

I once tried it with Boiler78 pattern coin, he has a few nice one ya know ;)


Shane, thanks for being so incredibly thoughtful.






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Your too kind Chris....I read your thread and it really touched my heart and I never had any doubts that I was doing the right thing by sending you the coin. The world we live in isn't alwasy filled with sunshine and rainbow so if my small gesture brightened your day in the slightest then I consider us even as your friendship has certainly been a bright spot for me over the years. (thumbs u

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This is a very touching story to say the absolute least. It is nice to know that caring people still exist. It doesn't surprise me the least bit that it involves Shane.


P.S. Congratulations on the gorgeous Morgan Dollar and having a true friend!

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