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  1. What would you say as seasoned professionals is the less difficult of coinage to find that brings in the money? I know pennies you can get lucky. Quarters are more frequent dimes and nickels of older era. What about foreign coins?
  2. Can anyone tell me more of the history on this coin
  3. Just thought id share something i found that wasnt from the US. Nice looking coin i thought id admire it a bit. I havent cleaned it i know better.
  4. When i came across this coin roll hunting from the bank i just had to put it out there. I am truly amazed at how well preserved some of these older coins are even after being tossed from hand to hand all these years. Anyone else see beauty?
  5. Im wondering about the value of this coin. I stumbled upon it through a friend. Any thoughts?
  6. In response to your comments about the coin. I will post closer and clearer pictures or at least try. Also if this is a business strike would you say that this coins condition would be in a mint state condition and if so could you give me an idea on how high roughly so i can compare my other finds. I am truly a newbie obviously trying to learn has not been easy but always up for a new challenge and willing to search through thousands of coins in order to find at least one inspirational find to keep my enthusiasm high without being too discouraged by the more seasoned professionals? Also dont want to put too much into a hobby i have no business picking up in the first place if i lack the proper skills and ability to identify and remember all the many varieties and errors as there can be so many that look similiar in nature through regular wear and tear. Im certainly amped up on the subject and am getting other people concious to the point of searching through all of thier coins on a daily basis. I must have collected from 1919-1965 over 200 coins that being of lincoln wheat cents are in at least really good to very fine or better state.That was through the bank or somebody elses piggy banks just for fun. Im working now on learning to identify the differences in wear and tear and actual error. Thank you for all of your helpful comments and thank you for clarifying that in this particular year there were no proof sets.
  7. I feel like an insufficiently_thoughtful_person sometimes because there is so much to learn and so many varieties its confusing
  8. How do I know when a coin is worth grading
  9. How can you tell the difference between a sms and regular proof coin?
  10. Why would my 1940 lincoln wheat cent only weigh 2.5 grms?by
  11. Thank you I almost feel silly ive been at this for quite awhile and am having trouble identifying surface issues.