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  1. I would respond, thou I can sense it's the same, therefore not even worth it. I'll proceed the tale elsewhere, for this story is far from over. Thanks all have a good one
  2. Hey all Right to the point, 4x Dye Breaks, 2 obverse & 2 reverse that I've found so far, ok maybe 5 or 6 sorry all the thin hair has a few breaks x2 strands super minor, in my opinion. I've said that this would be impossible to replicate, so I've added a few pictures. Obverse few in the hair & one in the leaf sprig which broke off and is now in-between two of the leafs. One reverse right side top leaf which looks like it broke off in two pieces jettisoned to the left top leafs, then the other right under the top right leaf, which it also looks like it jettisoned to the left top leafs. So my question is, are these Dye Breaks? So I'll give this a whirl of course I'm not super savvy, that and we would change it to whatever names work best. "Mint Dye Break Impact Lighting" not this scenario for it would've been pressed. So like "Mint Rod Impact Lighting" we are using mint coinage accessories or counterfeit accessories, Mint Rod really isn't a rod I might be wrong, I'm thinking it's like a nail punch made of Sterling Silver with the mark engraved into it to strike/impact the coins mint mark,, Dye break isn't truly being impacted cause this one is being pressed together and a piece snaps off or in this case pieces, thus reflecting the same light that is shown in blurry pics for mint rod impact lighting minus the perfect round , just dye breaks seem to work different so off angles pictures work too pick up the light reflections with clarity, there is 2 breaks on the reverse that light up, where clean breaks are I was able to pick up a reflection. So right off, I know the dye impact is wrong in this scenario, for this one was pressed. Of course this is all opinion, Of the three reverses mine is in the middle. Thanks all
  3. Great idea, thanks kindly sir. Yeah I totally agree, I mean since I've learned so much more with the help of everyone. I hope we can start a new Thanks all
  4. Good morning, again I'm not shoot might as well be. All this has got me thinking, I think you all must've forgotten,,, {MRIL}, well now there is another to add {MDBIL} Mint Dye Break Impact Lighting, same concept. So I can imagine the fancy name come backs and or the it's not real, to that I'd respond well then what is it. Thanks all
  5. Also in a fair game spirit, the pictures were taken with two types of cameras, normal phone camera and a microscope camera. Thanks all
  6. From the ones who wouldn't even tell me my coin could be 10% or more underweight, this one should be easy. Just for the record I'm siding with Google lens that they are not the same image. It sounds so easy to make a different coin show up all together, then do it,,,, prove me wrong. Also in my opinion this is what happens to a original coin that has the EDM process, which is said to destroy the original. Anyways thanks all
  7. Hmmm junk, you can think whatever you want woods. I like the answers LMAO Hmmm a secret service visit for just showing and possessing this coin, not selling what was sold to me as a reproduction on eBay. Yeah I highly doubt that also, it is not illegal to have a said counterfeit coin, it is illegal if you try to sell it as real.
  8. Ok it has also come to my attention, that we are naming this coin wrong, in fact the one who named it a novelty coin is correct. In my opinion. For these simple reasons, *1 For it to be a replica, it would be replicating something that is real. *2 For it to be counterfeit, it would have to represent real money, then to be determined counterfeit. *3 For it to be fake, that would mean a real one has been identified and that this was had been deemed a fake. Please correct me if I'm wrong, Thanks all
  9. I am not these people you speak of. I'm SlickCoin/SlickCoins x2.
  10. Let's do a question shall we It's all about the two faces that show up in different angles, this is the same coin. Is it possible? How could someone do it and why? I mean that's gotta be a good deal of work. PS I didn't get no private messages James, sorry Gbrad if I came across as saying shut up in some kind of way, for that was not my intention. Thanks all
  11. Priceless, rotflmao and to think my internet feelers should be a fluster. Ok after the so called horse manure info, I then left with the Mr Breen encyclopedia info, to then proceed to CCF forums for more info, which I was told good luck in the PCGS's forum. Same questions I asked here is what I asked there, except for the Breen information is plastered all over their website. Thanks all
  12. Yes also sorry for the story, there is no excuse for my not knowing what to ask or how to ask it, well I ask but it's never good. The info scattered across the board is cause, I don't know all these things at the same time, kinda like I raced the whole process. Therefore my questions are equally scattered, I have no idea how to explain controversy, even thou I try and that makes everything sound that much more far-fetched. Trust me I know all things stack against me, then throw on top my lacking communication skills. I'm just as lost as everyone else, sounds about right for a mysterious coin, in my opinion. Thanks for the grade And thanks all for dealing with this.
  13. Yes sir, sorry I must've gotten the date wrong,,, my bad. I'm not trying to be nonsense and I'm sorry all, I'm just asking questions. Thanks just Bob welcome back I'm just showing they was all about anti-counterfit measurements back then. Thanks all
  14. Anti-counterfit was a thing in 1793, The famous 1793 capped 98 star cent, Yes iOS and Android, yes all about the images, whereas it either is or isn't in my opinion.
  15. All good, I kinda anticipated some kind of answers like that, which in turn would be answered like, if you don't got nothing good to say, then don't chime in. On that note I wish you all the best, for this saga will be continued elsewhere, therefore not to be stifled or censored in any way shape or form on any of my coins or opinions, same goes for all the forum users. I'll answer the Google lens questions, yes on the artwork and soon on the coins, thou this far passing all my tests with flying colors, linking stuff right back to where it came from. Thanks all, have a good one