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  1. Love some commemoratives. God bless this Country.
  2. Another Mercury. Not as nice as the ones above, for sure.
  3. Very nice! I am hoping to acquire a Type 1 someday. Beautiful coin.
  4. Well, I've collected coins since I was a child but really only got reintroduced since I retired a few years ago. Did TPGS not grade proof coins in the beginning? Curious.
  5. I don't believe all Proofs look anything alike. Not even close, but that is just MY opinion. :-)
  6. Does anyone reading this have any Proof Barber or Standing Liberty Quarter they may be willing to trade for one of my Proof Seated Liberty Quarters? If you may be interested, please message me. The coins I have for trade are dated 1860, 63, 79, 97 and 1889. This may be the wrong place to put this and I may get jumped on by somebody looking for a fight.......LOL. J/K I hope.
  7. I have learned so much from this forum! :-) I am still trying to understand the nuances of grading. It can be pretty confusing. I have several examples that look very different to me, yet have identical grades.
  8. Thank you. It’s a lovely example. My photog skills are lacking.