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  1. As a collector of Lincolniana for many years I thought I had seen it all. Very interesting. Thanks for dusting this off and posting.
  2. Someone check my math. 6m sounds like a huge number. I'm getting 85 mines per square mile. I get about 4 square miles covered by Magawa in 5 years with a normal US workers schedule. Surely mines are concentrated in certain parts of Cambodia, so figure maybe 170 mines per square mile on the those areas. Assuming Magawa worked in the areas of greatest concern. he should have discovered about 10 times the number of mines. I'm still willing to make a donation if the correct number of mines is closer to 600,000. And yes I'm a little bored today.
  3. I just looked at the list of job openings. Lots of support openings. Openings across the spectrum. Ancients to comics. Looks like NGC is experiencing a ton of demand from multiple quarters. I wonder what this tells collectors.
  4. FWIW one can enter the tracking number to at least make sure one's package is safely tucked away. I sent a coin in for conservation 20 days ago and the package has been in storage at NGC for 18 days. From the posts above it looks like I will need patience. I sent a foreign coin in not too long ago and the turnaround was fine. I suspect there is a glut of modern new issue backing things up. Is it that time of year?
  5. One has to wonder what is the retirement lifestyle? Out to stud?
  6. I have a tie: a 1937 Australian crown my father brought back from his service in the Pacific during WWII; a 1902S dime given to me by my mother when I first started collecting 60+ years ago.
  7. IMO we see something like this today in the grading of 18th century coins, .I'm shopping for a nice wreath cent for my type set and there is a very noticeable difference in, let's call it eye appeal, within a given numerical grade. The justification no doubt has to do with "as minted" considerations as well as the "charming" nature of these relatively crude old coins, which I agree with to an extent. Perhaps a different method of grading should be applied to these early issues which are plagued with planchet, environmental, and striking issues, perhaps something more like the way ancients are graded or simply described. Perhaps describe as genuine and not altered, or perhaps net graded as well for those who are unable to trust their own eyes. I've also seen hints that very rare coins are given a numerical grading break as well, although the numerical grade for these mega coins may be largely irrelevant.
  8. Questions like this inevitably end up discussing preferences rather than market value. In a free market, I'm not sure one can argue that anything is undervalued, although we all have opinions about which series is underappreciated. Differences in collector preferences are healthy and expected. BTW I think coins in general are undervalued compared to pop art, baseball cards, and designer purses, to name a few crazy (IMO) money magnets, but the market speaks. Most of the time I don't listen but just shake my head.
  9. A favorite of mine. Large and a great design IMO. Well done.
  10. I keep everything on a spreadsheet. I use PR for all proofs (as does eBay). Use SP for SMS as it looks cooler (eBay does not).
  11. I should have elaborated. I put a 1965 SMS together as part of my type collection (I like to use first year coins to add interest). Ended up with a mixture of NGC and PCGS. All of the NGC coins are graded MS[xx] and all the PCGS coins are graded SP[xx], which I assumed is for "Specimen". Both NGC and PCGS identify the coins as "SMS". I'm inclined to think that NGC is more conservative not treating these as Specimens, reserving that term for specially prepared and exceptional coins. Could have researched of course but thought it would be of interest, and I'm congenitally lazy.
  12. I noticed that NGC designates SMS coins as MS whereas PCGS uses SP. Rationale for either?