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  1. I like yours. This one's mine...milk spots on mine though...
  2. Are there discernible striations (as made) I think I see them in the field? Common on business strikes from Civil War Era but on a Proof I'm not sure.
  3. I have experienced this over the years and remember a costly lesson on hairlines...thanks Mark.
  4. mint damage....(after it left the mint it was damaged by environment more than likely)... I'll post a picture of one like yours I have but it has a copper like swirl color from environmental damage, it really through me off when I saw it.
  5. I agree, they are already now. I have only seen a decrease in ask on the minor strike thru errors (where you go looking for this little spot on the obverse usually and can barely see), that said, will the Proofs be affected in price? Which tide will rise how high?
  6. You just reminded me.....I totally forgot....I better look at our larger one too. Thanks man.
  7. I have one of these but the Adam's apple area is different and I can't remember why??? I think it was an over Polished Die that is known or it was something else? I will check for it..... Nice
  8. I hope your coins are well graded and swiftly, safely mailed/delivered to you...I personally would be stressed but what even stresses me more is the Return Mailing...I swear, I just can not sometimes deal with some issues with the USPS, Registered Mail...I could go into detail but being an honestly sincere with the postal people helps. I can't sometimes get over the transit journey our beloved little disks take.....I'm sure we all have those stories. Also I'd like to share...when my coins are held up it changes lifestyle a little bit and what a bummer. (was also thinking what if some coins people had were going to Registry, re-grade or raw...and the entry deadline was missed because of hold ups, etc....Damn..
  9. The picture I posted is an Example of Machine Doubling..Even though it's a 1983 Lincoln Cent it is still just MD, Not the important one. The important one I think is DDR-001 1-R-IV.....I think that is the one you were looking for...My journal Log shows I have other 1983's but they are not DDR's...I might have a picture of one I sold.
  10. My U.S. Submissions have always moved fast...not out of Country but the U.S. Coins, those out number the World Coins by quite a bit every month due to more collectors and the U.S. Mint products being graded, run of the mill stuff, but this last few months World Coin Submissions are important to me this time. Patience is key...Also, being an Elite or Top Tier with NGC helps, in my opinion, along with discounts, especially on large 100 coin order or more there a bulk savings. Also, if you message or call they have ALWAYS taken care of things and explained reasonably. I know its easy to be impatient (myself included) but Patience is key....
  11. I wish I could also, Gets me into trouble then I'm selling duplicates or selling what I thought I'd keep...