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  1. I wish I had obtained that lovely 22kt gold Crown - it is most lovely!
  2. came in a black holder....along with severally unc older type coins of South Africa that the SA Mint had in stock still. This made up a set but their are only three unique coins...a gold sovereign, a nickel (crown) and a silver (crown).
  3. Thank you for the reply 7.jaguars If you or any other fellow Numismatist is interested in hearing a talk from Known coin Dealer Richard Lobel (who we have approached to be the guest speaker) covering the Edward VIII fantasy pieces over the years, then we could link you/ fellow interested Numismatists on our numismatic online forum on the 17th November which starts at 3pm South Africa time. At best, if you are not able to hear the discussion, then we do live recording and you could then access that and hear/ see the discussion taking place (probably be about an hour/ hour and a half. I have yet to confirm his availability for the 17th but so far all seems fine. I am not sure it will cover any of the Patina items and if it did, probably the Edward VIII pieces. Those interested please message me. Some background as to what you collect, email and any Numismatic society you belong too. We can then ping you an email invitation or send you the recordings. It seems scanning of the catalog of the Spinks Patina collection may involve some hard work - apologies upfront if it does to you or any other collector willing to help scan. WRT Pretoria Mint. Its been pretty tough finding out information but there seems to be a new find by Professor Malan and as such, the information that you are looking for may very well be coming out in a book/ catalog early next year....or at least some of what you are looking for.
  4. Hi 7.jaguars It is almost impossible to obtain a copy...I have emailed Spink, searched far and wide. A scanned copy would be awesomely appreciated! Brg5658 indicated INA minted others that form part of the patina collection. Most interesting - love the designs and have a large collection of Edward VIII medals and fantasy coins myself (I have a journal/ listing in the NGC collection board and a journal as well) hence the interest in obtain some more information covering the Patina collection. A little bit off the subject - Our South Africa Numismatics online forum will be discussing the fantasy pieces of Edward VIII on the 17th November 2020 with a VIP guest talk and I am sure that the Edward VIII Patina pieces will be talked about in the forum amongst other things.
  5. Hi brg5658 Thank you for your reply. I did not know that INA produced more than what was in the Spink catalog 'patina collection' . If there is more designs available for a collector outside of what was in the 'patina collection' sold by Spinks, then do you perhaps know of where to obtain this information on all their mintages (in reference to only the Patina series) or varieties? I have tried to obtain a copy of the above 'patina collection' catalog of Spinks but it is somewhat scarce and hard to come by. Appreciate some feedback - thank you.
  6. Has any collector able to provide a complete mintage figure for the whole patina collection. Are there any errors/ varieties found?
  7. Richard Lobel issued coinage around early 1980's. FM43B AE, gilt. The above image you are showing is fairly common in copper and nickel and slightly more challenging to collect the AE gilt that you may have as shown. If it is gold you can do a test or weigh the coin.
  8. Hello NGC Would our fantastic NGC Graders consider labeling / recognizing the strike doubling of the South Africa 50c coinage issued from 1990 - 2000 dates? There is much interest in Numismatists with regards to varieties and several known South African collectors are keen to hear if the NGC Graders would consider recognizing or consider labeling the 50c coin as such. I have attach some photos of the 50c coin having the 'doubling' (I would assume its mechanical / strike doubling) as well as a sample of a 'normal' minted 50c coin. Furthermore, in the MTB coinage book on South Africa, there is a small exhibit/ listing covering the 'doubling' as a reference. Should NGC agree / recognize the doubling, I can send through some coin samples for their kind review/ grading. Thanks .
  9. Hi Just Bob Not had chance to get around the re-submission of the 'fake' 60% silver medal. Why would any fraudster attempt to make a medal with 60% silver? Why not just laminate it with silver....anyway will need to work on closure for this medal at some point in time. Did receive the gold crown - much to my relief!
  10. XRF scan indicates around 90% silver...was a bit tricky getting the reading when the coin is encapsulated!
  11. Have asked for an xrf scan of the coin in the capsule. Most of the medals struck around 1936/7 of Edward VIII kept with the nostalgic theme of the era. Each Minter however, gave variety to the design in their own way. Some medals struck then are not listed in any of the known catalogs (BHM / Portraits of a Prince) which makes collecting Edward VIII medals/ tokens/ coinage all that more exciting.