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Daniel McMunn


It is time for me to comment on the Journals. The Journals are not" New and Improved" but" New and Confused". Prolific use of the journals has stopped. The computer" Geeks" have missed the concept of "If it ain't   Broke Don't Fix It". The Journal is not user friendly. It is hard on the eyes. Does not allow easy flow of words. Does not allow a Quick Read and a Quick Comment. Formatted as such, fewer collectors frequent the site. I can only conclude the Journal was changed to save server space. If this is so, why not eliminate it altogether? 



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I'm also hoping will put the Journal format back the way it was before .  As I see it >  'NGC'  has done nothing wrong' with wanting to make something look better' which they done very well in the registry' howe5954ef8491c37_ohoh.jpg.ce16524f005d8f501b624f73503c1b48.jpgver > that does bring 'risk and sometimes backfires' in this case.  Did I leave anything out,,,,,?

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I have been On-Order for a month now to combine my registry sets. I am not interested in starting over as Rick's Keepers here in chats. I am Six Mile Rick ---- but the new system will not let me log out and re-log in as the correct entry. I guess Dena will delete my Rick's Keepers member page and add it to the Six Mile Rick page when she has time. 1100 coins on Rick's Keepers member page. I don't have the time to redo pics and add all the sets to Six Mile Rick page.  If she can do it with a click of a mouse I am up for it!! Everything was combined earlier but switched back to problems when they completed the last install. I do enjoy it here for sure BUT ---- The changes are a struggle FOR SURE!!!


Rick ---- Six Mile Rick!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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If you are logged in with the wrong name ---- DO NOT click the arrow at the wrong name and sign out. The program installed will not let you back into the chat boards site once you sign out!!!

Edited by Rick's Keepers
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I'm also confused because the reason I came out here the other day was to post a journal, but I don't see it- can anyone else find my latest journal posting? When things don't work, I don't bother, I just find functionality that suits me elsewhere... sigh

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I too agree, the "journals" are worse not better.  The registry is also worse and I have cut my time there by 80% (maybe a good thing?)  NGC has taken the "high road" out of town and left us collector behind.  The time is ripe for a Third, Third party to open a user friendly Registry for us "the collector" that serve as the fuel for the hobby.  Maybe the ANA, hint , hint...


Here is what I see as a solution, after having several PCGS coins returned that would not cross ( AFTER NGC GOT THE GRADING FEE) I had an idea.  If NGC is so much purer and dedicated to truth and honesty then here is an idea:

Submit PCGS coins to NGC to cross (full fee) or just to grade (like the GSA coins.)  These coins have no guarantee from NGC if they are left in the PCGS holder, they just get a grade.  Because they are still in the PCGS holder they:

1) Don't get included in the NGC population report

2) The NGC grade is affixed to the PCGS holder so the coin can be used in the NGC registry

3) NGC has no liability as they do not provide a guarantee (as stated in the small print by NGC on both GSA and Ancient coins)

4) If the coin is sent in for only an NGC grade but not gross over (the GSA treatment by request) the fee could be reduced (again NGC is not providing a guarantee)

This would bring me back to NGC and I would be willing to pay to get my PCGS coins on the NGC registry (which I like better).

But is is hard to look at a Liberty V in a PCGS MS-66 holder that NGC would not cross and then resubmit to cross at MS-65 or 64,  Would you do it?



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I spend much less time here as well. Since no more new PCGS coins can be entered and the new Journals my daily visits have become weekly to monthly visits.

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Wait wait wait......I can no longer enter PCGS coins into my graded competitive set???? Holy hell thats the only reason I hang out here and not PCGS.....please don't tell me NGC went and took that feature away.....if so then yeah you all screwed up big time. Also what's up with the journals....I use to see the people I followed now I have to go and hunt them down????? What's up with that????

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