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Daniel McMunn


I collect Washington quarters in NGC and have gotten to the point where I have to buy PCGS and try to cross-over. When I cannot find a PCGS green been I have to try buying and hoping. Sometimes I must buy several PCGS quarters and try to get an NGC at great expense. I bid on Heritage but I caught them bidding against me and found the coin in their inventory later on. Same serial number. I buy in a lot of unsearched mint sets that have been searched. I am a point where I am looking at a lot of ugly brown toned quarters that have high populations but I am unwilling to settle.



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I feel your pain Daniel.  I also collect Washington Quarters 1932-1964 but if you can believe it--it is worse for Franklin Halves.  Some have very low populations for FBL and I have submitted a few for crossover which have come back not up to NGC standards for one reason or another.  I have not sent any quarters yet.

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I collect high-grade Lincoln Cents and have been sending in PCGS stabbed coins for cross-over even before NGC changed its policy at the beginning of this year. I've too found that it is quite difficult to get PCGS coins to cross. For copper, NGC is very strict, especially with even the tiniest of spots or contact marks. This is especially true for + coins. Even dropping them down to the next lower grade doesn't help. I've gotten PCGS CAC coins (without a plus grade) to cross but not on the first try. I'll keep trying as long as they don't charge the full price for a coin that doesn't cross. But I admit it is a frustrating and costly process. 

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Thats the thing. You DO buy the coin and not the holder. Having said that it is clear that grading standards in both NGC and PCGS have changed over time. 

ICCS in Canada has as well.

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Crack the coin out first--I run about 75% on crack outs at the same grade ( and several higher grade) but only about 1 out of 3 for crossovers--I think there is a bit of "politics" involved for sure.

Doesn't PCGS require both middle and bottom rim of the bell to be full for Franklins but NGC just the middle lines?


PS: why do you guys cross coins over into holders that sell for about 25% less in the market and at the primary auction houses when they have the same grade?

PPS: As a walking liberty half collector, the difference in grading is quite different between NGC<>PCGS. NGC is very technical and tends to grade by # of contact marks and strike...PCGS overemphasizes luster and color I think as a coin with multiple hits or more weakly struck can get an upper grade---both trends are lacking in my opinion as ho-hum coins get upper grades in NGC also but they are "clean" of marks or distractions.

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"Doesn't PCGS require both middle and bottom rim of the bell to be full for Franklins but NGC just the middle lines?"

Pretty much the opposite.  PCGS gives a FBL when only one set of lines is complete.  NGC requires both.  I have complete (except for 1953-S) FBL sets in both PCGS and NGC holders.  75% of the PCGC coins will not grade FBL at NGC.  

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Thanks CBC, I remember someone mentioning something about this but I forgot which ones required all lines..

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