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  1. Thanks very much Bob. Yes, this 1746 British Proof Halfcrown ( NGC PR 66 Star) is perhaps my favourite piece but will soon go with the others.
  2. There will be tiny raised dots or similar shapes on the coin surface corresponding to where tiny pieces of metal have rusted away from the die striking the coin. This was common with early copper pieces probably due to the expense of using more and fresher dies for low denomination coins.
  3. Here are a 1753 and 1772 halfpenny, both in NGC 65. Bid on before my diagnosis. Dies on the 1753 were rusty but its still an attractive piece.
  4. Thanks Kohaku. I have enjoyed reviewing your great collection but its time to concentrate on other things.
  5. I really appreciate your comments RMK. it was your journal that led me to write this. it is my sincere hope that you will be able to beat your illness and continue to enjoy our hobby. But if it is not to be, you have acted as a steward to history for future generations to learn and enjoy in their own way. And that should give you some satisfaction. Good luck to you.
  6. Thanks Jaggy for your kind words. There is a time to indulge your interests and passions. One of ours is our great hobby. I hope that future owners of many of these great pieces will enjoy them as much as I have.
  7. Thanks Gary. As I said I didn’t think I would have to write this soon . I love our hobby but as in all things there is a time to let them go.
  8. Yesterday, I had the phone call/meeting with doctors which made me realize that my remaining time is short. I have a second form of cancer now. Truth be told, I have been quickly accumulating thinking in the back of my mind that this could happen. It has, just more quickly than I expected. So, rather than continuing to accumulate, I will have to sell the collection I love to the next set of renters of these pieces. I dont know how it will be done yet as there are various avenues, thru auction houses and retail dealers on a conseignment basis, to do so. Readers of these pages can scan thru them to see the highlights. There are some more. I must have well over a hundred top graded pieces for their type, probably a lot more. I do have a catalogue of my British collection which is available if requested. There are some pieces from other countries as well. I am sorry to have to post this. Mike Watt
  9. rmw

    NGC Registry Awards

    Thanks for the compliment Kohaku! i think that your award on your set is very well deserved.
  10. I doubt that this piece circulated at all but sloshed around in an old time coin cabinet and developed a bit of cabinet friction at the shoulder and high point to the hair on the obverse . Reverse looks Mint or near so. The piece has some lustre going for it as well
  11. Happy New Year to you, Kohaku and to all the readers of these journals!
  12. Thanks gherrmann and to Welsh Dragon. Happy New Year to you both!
  13. Thanks. There may be better pieces out there ( this is stabbed as an MS 61) but it was picked up at a reasonable price. i don’t think I will bid on the Anne Crown in MS 65 available in the Heritage auction as it is beyond my snack bracket, starting at $20k.
  14. Here is an example of a Queen Anne halfcrown, struck after the Union of Scotland and England. I would rate it as a well struck and attractive AU.
  15. Keep on doing what you’re doing , Kohaku! Very educational.